Valheim: Cooked Serpent Meat Guide

valheim cooked serpent meat

Nothing beats a large chunk of Sea Serpent meat to get your character ready for a big fight or adventure, and with a piece of Cooked Serpent Meat, you’re bound to get more done.

This does not come at a low price as you may need to put in a bit of effort to obtain the Serpent Meat that you will use to cook it.

Cooked Serpent Meat can be pretty handy when you need better food buffs and can also be used for creating Serpent Stew.

A piece of Cooked Serpent Meat weighs 10, making it quite heavy, and it stacks up to 50 per item slot, which makes carrying a full stack weigh up to an excessive amount of 500 in your inventory.

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Cooked Serpent Meat Effects

Cooked Serpent Meat may be heavy to carry around, but a few pieces can make a difference and might be worth it until you find the means to cook Serpent Stew.

  • 70 Health
  • 40 Stamina
  • 3 Health Regeneration Per Tick
  • Lasts 2000 Seconds (33 Minutes)

Cooked Serpent Meat Ingredients

To make Cooked Serpent Meat, you will need to gather Serpent Meat by killing Sea Serpents, and these drop considerable amounts per kill.

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How To Prepare Cooked Serpent Meat?

Once you have farmed Serpent Meat, you can cook them using a Cooking Station, and it will take 121 seconds for each piece to be cooked.

It is best to have multiple Cooking Stations if you want to save up on time when preparing a bunch of Cooked Serpent Meat.


Despite the weight of Cooked Serpent Meat, you can easily carry a few instead of a whole stack and save the rest later for crafting Serpent Stew.

Cooked Serpent Meat comes in handy when you do not have the other resources needed for making Serpent Stew.

Sea Serpents drop a lot of Serpent Meat, and you can set them aside or cook them in advance for later on, depending if you need them or not.

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