Valheim: Grilled Neck Tail Cooking Guide

Valheim Grilled Neck Tail

You may have crossed paths with some of the smaller reptilian creatures in Valheim know as Necks, and these creatures have delicious tails that can be cooked.

To make Grilled Neck Tail, you will have to kill these creatures and pick up their tails for cooking later on.

Grilled Neck Tails are a great food source to have along with Cooked Meat and other starting food items in Valheim.

A total of 20 Grilled Neck Tail can be stacked per item slot, and each one weighs 0.5 in your inventory, making a whole stack have a weight of 10.

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Grilled Neck Tail Effects

Grilled Neck Tail may not last as much as the other meat in Valheim, but it does provide a pretty good buff when it comes to early-game stats.

  • 35 Health
  • 20 Stamina
  • 2 Health Regeneration Per Tick
  • Lasts 1000 Seconds (16 Minutes)

Grilled Neck Tail Ingredients

To make Grilled Neck Tail, all you need is to go around and collect the tails from Necks that you kill, and these critters can usually be found near bodies of water.

You can cook a lot of Neck Tails for use later on or save some of the Neck Tails as well for making Poison Resistance Mead, whatever is more important during your current stage in the game.

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How To Cook Grilled Neck Tail?

You can cook Neck Tails by placing them on a Cooking Station by interacting with it, which will cook the Neck Tails in 20 seconds per piece.

Since you can end up with a lot of Neck Tails after hunting for them, you should probably use multiple Cooking stations to speed up the process of cooking multiple batches of them.


Neck Tails are easy to get and provide players with an early source of meat, making it easier to survive in the earlier stages in Valheim.

A good combination for early-game would be to eat Grilled Neck Tail and Cooked Meat along with another food item.

Most players keep a good stock of Neck Tail during their early game and resort to using what is left for poison resistance, especially when fighting Bonesmass, the Third Boss in Valheim.

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