Valheim: Turnip Stew Cooking Guide

Valheim Cooking Turnip Stew

After finding the Swamp biome, you may come across Turnip Seeds as you explore it, and these can be used to make Turnip Stew.

Turnip Stew is a balanced food item that provides a considerate amount of health and stamina, and health regeneration.

You can easily farm many Turnips and cook enough Turnip Stew to last you a lifetime in Valheim as long as you farm and cook according to plan.

Each bowl of Turnip Stew weighs for 1.0 and stacks up to 10 per inventory slot, making it 10 in weight per stack.

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Turnip Stew Effects

Turnip Stew provides a good balance of health and stamina combined with other food items and its decent health regeneration buff.

  • 50 Health
  • 50 Stamina
  • 2 Health Regeneration Per Tick
  • Lasts 1600 Seconds (26 Minutes)

Turnip Stew Ingredients

Turnip Stew requires Raw Meat and Turnips, so if you have gotten used to the spawning of creatures that drop Raw Meat, you should be able to cook plenty.

  • Raw meat x1
  • Turnip x3

Turnips Seeds can be found in the Swamp biome and you can use these to plant, grow and repeat in order to get a good Turnip farm going on.

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Raw Meat can be collected by killing Deer, Boars and Wolves and will provide a specific amount based on which creature you kil.

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How To Cook Turnip Stew

To cook the Turnip Stew recipe, you will need to get Turnips first as Raw Meat is already easy to find.

You can cook Turnip Stew in a Cauldron, which needs to be crafted with Tin, so this means you will have to have a way to mine, such as gaining Hard Antler from the First Boss (Eikthyr) to start mining.


Turnip Stew makes an excellent mid to late-game food item because of its balance in stamina and health, which is needed when fighting stronger enemies.

Combining Turnip Stew with other food items will provide you with a good combo combination for health and stamina, and the bonus regeneration will provide better survival.

Keeping a farm full of Turnips will provide you with a good supply that can last days ingame and may remain unlimited as long as you keep a bunch for replanting.

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