Valheim: Serpent Stew Cooking Guide

Valheim cook serpent stew

If you have been sailing the seas and have faced the mighty Sea Serpents of the Ocean biome, you may have killed a few and collected some Serpent Meat.

With the meat you have collected from the Sea Serpents, you can prepare yourself one of the best dishes in the game.

Serpent Stew, which some refer to as Serpent Soup, is a solid and healthy food item that provides a good amount of health, stamina, and health regeneration.

A bowl of Serpent Stew has a weight of 1 and reaches a stack of 10 per inventory slot.

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Serpent Stew Effects

Serpent Stew provides a good boost in health while also providing a considerate amount of stamina with good health regeneration.

  • 70 Health
  • 40 Stamina
  • 3 Health Regeneration Per Tick
  • Lasts 2000 Seconds (33 Minutes)

Serpent Stew Ingredients

  • Mushroom 1x
  • Cooked Serpent Meat 1x
  • Honey x2

You can find Mushrooms easily by wandering in the Black Forest and sometimes near the Meadows near the Black Forest.

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Cooked Serpent Meat can be prepared by cooking Serpent Meat in the Cooking Station before using it for cooking Serpent Stew.

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To get Honey, you will need to obtain a Queen Bee to craft a Beehive, which generates it over time.

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How To Cook Serpent Stew?

The Serpent Stew recipe can be cooked using a Cauldron and will be crafted by one bowl upon consuming the ingredients.

You must cook Serpent Meat before it can make Serpent Stew while the other ingredients are ready for use.


While Serpent Stew seems to be one of the late-game items in Valheim, it is obtainable earlier than you may expect.

Sea Serpents can be fought early off in the game as soon as you have a way to sail across the water, preferably with a Karve or Longship.

Mixing the Serpent Stew buff along with other food items can bring your health over 100 and even greater amounts, making it easier for you to fight and survive in the game.

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