Valheim: Sausage Cooking Guide

Valheim Sausage

Nothing beats a good batch of freshly cooked Sausages but wait; there is quite a twist in its origin and recipe in Valheim.

Sausages, also referred to by some as Sausage Links, provide a good amount of health and stamina along with a decent health regeneration buff for more survivability.

You will most likely be able to craft this food item once you have progressed to the Swamp biome, as most of its ingredients are farmed there.

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Sausages Effects

Blood Pudding mainly provides the highest health buff in Valheim and allows the player to regenerate health at a fast rate.

  • 60 Health
  • 30 Stamina
  • 3 Health Regeneration Per Tick
  • Lasts 1600 Seconds (26 Minutes)

Sausages Ingredients

Aside from Raw Meat, which you can easily farm in the Meadows or the Black Forest, Sausages’ ingredients can be farmed in the Swamp biome.

  • 2x Entrails
  • 1x Raw meat
  • 4x Thistle

Entrails are dropped by Draugrs when you kill them and can be farmed in large amounts when roaming the Swamp biome or by camping Body Piles (Draugr Spawn) until you have plenty.

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Thistles can be found around the Swamp and the Black Forest (seems more abundant in the Black Forest) and can be farmed in various amounts depending on how many plants are in an area.

Raw Meat can easily be farmed by hunting creatures in different Biomes and if you tips on how to farm Raw Meat, you can check our Valheim Raw Meat Farming Guide.

Players may create an outpost between the Black Forest or Meadows and a Swamp biome to prepare a Sausage farm as all ingredients will be close by.

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How to Cook Sausages?

Once you have obtained all of the resources needed to craft the Sausages recipe, you can consume the Entrails, Raw Meat, and Thistle to craft 4x Sausage per craft.

The trade-off of 4 Sausages for 1 Raw Meat and the other ingredients makes Sausages one of the most valuable food items in Valheim.


With a decent amount of health regeneration, the Sausages make quite the practical choice for a food buff item and along with the additional health and stamina, players tend to die less.

Players should go for this food item as soon as a Cauldron has been crafted as it is a much better way to spend you Raw Meat and provides better stats.

Some find it gross that you will be using Draugr Entrails for a tasty meal but hey, it’s survival of the fittest out there and you got to do what you got to do.

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