Valheim: Queens Jam Making Guide

Valheim Queens Jam

Queens Jam is a mid-tier food item that can be cooked as soon as you have access to a Cauldron.

This food item provides a moderate boost in health and stamina and a decent amount of health regeneration.

To make Queens Jam, you will need to resort to your foraging skills to get its ingredients for the Meadows and Black forest biomes.

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Queens Jam Effects

Queens Jam may not be the highest provider of food buffs in Valheim, but it does the job well and can be used with other food items for a good amount of health and stamina.

  • 30 Health
  • 40 Stamina
  • 2 Health Regeneration Per Tick
  • Lasts 1200 Seconds (20 Minutes)

Queens Jam Ingredients

Both of the ingredients needed to make Queens Jam can be foraged easily and obtained in great amounts when adventuring.

  • Raspberries x8
  • Blueberries x8

Raspberries tend to grow in the Meadows near trees, while Blueberries can be found in the Black forest.

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Berries will grow back eventually and can be continuously farmed from time to time.

Foraging Blueberries is easy and you can learn more about it in our Valheim Blueberries Farming Guide.

How To Cook Queens Jam?

The Queens Jam recipe can be prepared at a Cauldron and consume all of the ingredients to create 4x Queens Jamp per craft.

You will need to have a Cauldron first, which is crafted with 10 Tin, meaning you will have to have the means to mine Tin ore which becomes doable after defeating the first boss in Valheim.


Many players would wonder, “is Queens Jam worth it” and this depends mainly on how you are progressing in the game.

Queens Jam is a suitable food buff source for early to mid-game in Valheim and can provide more health, stamina, and health regeneration than most foods.

It is easy to collect the ingredients for Queens Jam, and if you get better food items, you can reserve these for when you need stamina and health while you scout or farm for resources.

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