Valheim: Lox Meat Pie Making Guide

Valheim Lox Meat pie

The delicious and fancy-looking Lox Meat Pie is considered to be one of the best food items in Valheim due to its perfect balance of health and stamina along with health regeneration.

Players will have to have progressed further into the game before they can start cooking this tasty treat, but the wait and time are worth it as this can help boost your character’s survivability significantly.

Each Lox Meat Pie adds 1 weight to your inventory and can be stacked up to 10 per item slot, making a whole stack weigh 10 in your character’s inventory.

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Lox Meat Pie Effects

Lox Meat Pie provides the perfect balance between health and stamina along with a generous amount of health regeneration, perfect for surviving battles, adventures, and emergencies.

  • 80 Health
  • 80 Stamina
  • 4 Health Regeneration Per Tick
  • Lasts 2400 Seconds (40 Minutes)

Lox Meat Pie Ingredients

All of the ingredients required to craft Lox Meat Pie can be found in the Plains biome and processed or cooked to prepare for the food item.

  • Barley Flour 4x
  • Cloudberries 2x
  • Cooked Lox Meat 2x

Barley Flour requires that you have a Windmill which you will place Barley in to process, but you will need to get and farm Barley first, which is also done in the Plains.

You can obtain Barley from Fuling settlements and may find it grown on cultivated land spots inside the said settlements.

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Cloudberries are very easy to find in the Plains as you will see them almost anywhere and it grows back after a while from being picked.

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Cooked Lox Meat can be prepared by cooking Lox Meat at a Cooking Station, but you will need to get the meat by killing a Lox first.

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How To Cook Lox Meat Pie?

The Lox Meat Pie recipe can be cooked in a Cauldron once you have Barley flour, Cloudberries, and Cooked Loxed meat.

Each time you craft this food item, it will yield 1 Lox Meat Pie.


Lox Meat Pie is pretty much one of the best late-game food items you can make and should be reserved for more intense situations.

If you make a base or an outpost in the Plains biome, you can easily farm most of the resources to make Lox Meat Pie, making you pretty rich in food.

It is a good idea to keep a good stock of Lox Meat Pie for later on, and this goes well when consumed with other late-game food items such as Serpent Stew, Blood Pudding, and more.

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