Valheim: Honey Farming Guide ( Creating Beehive, Getting Queen Bee..)

Valheim Honey

Most players would think that Honey is hard to farm, but it is not, and the only thing tricky about it is finding out how to start it.

To farm Honey, you will first need to find a Queen Bee so that you can make a Beehive, which produces Honey over time.

Sometimes players call the Queen Bee a Honey Seed and would spend hours searching for it, which can be a bummer for those who wish to progress and make use of the Honey’s delicious recipes.

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How To Make A Beehive?

To farm Honey, you need to create a Beehive that will produce Honey after a certain period, and this can be done once you have found a Queen Bee and have the rest of the materials needed.

You can build a Beehive once you have found a Queen Bee, which unlocks the recipe when you have the hammer equipped.

You will have to provide sufficient space for the Beehive, or the bees within it will be unhappy, so you need to make sure there is space around it.

Other Beehives do not cause one another to be unhappy, and you can build them together but still away from other walls and enclosures.

Where To Get Queen Bee?

You can find a Queen Bee in abandoned or old houses as well as watchtowers that the Draugr can be found in.

A Queen Bee basically drops from an original Beehive along with Honey sometimes, and once you destroy the Beehive, you can pick it up and make your own at your base.

Abandoned homes in the Meadows can sometimes have a Beehive inside it while the Draugr buildings, especially the watchtowers, have a good chance of having a Beehive in them.

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How To Farm Honey?

Once you have built a Beehive, it will produce Honey about every 20 minutes and will continue to do so unless destroyed.

To efficiently farm Honey, you should create multiple Beehives, so look out for more Queen Bees to take back and build them.

You will have to collect the Honey from within the Beehive by interacting with it, and it will only store up to 4 Honey, requiring you to empty it before future Honey production. 

How To Make A Honey Farm?

The best way to make a Honey farm is to figure out where to put your Beehives first and make sure that enemies can’t make it to them.

Having something block the area will prevent most enemies from destroying your Beehives, but placement is still important.

You should place your Beehives together for a more accessible collection, and it would be good to put multiple Beehives to make the most out of the Queen Bees you collected.

Honey Uses

Honey is mainly used for making different Mead Bases which are used to make specific honey Mead or potions that players may drink to get various effects.

The following are the Honey recipes that there are in Valheim:


  • Serpent stew


  • Mead base: Frost resistance
  • Mead base: Medium healing
  • Mead base: Medium stamina
  • Mead base: Minor healing
  • Mead base: Minor stamina
  • Mead base: Poison resistance
  • Mead base: Tasty

Several ingredients are required to make the different Honey mead in Valheim, and you can make the most of each of them as there are essential potions that you need.

Honey is a requirement when making Serpent Stew, one of the best food and stamina providing foods in the game.

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Once you make a Mead Base, you will have to place it into a Fermenter first before turning the item into mead.

It takes two days for Mead Base to be processed, and it is advisable to have multiple Fermenters for better production.

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You will need a lot of different mead in the game, which matters a lot when facing some of the different bosses in the game and progressing into different biomes.

Honey is not easily obtained and must be given priority if you wish to make mead, making it necessary to double-check the Meadows and other parts with buildings.

You will most of the time find that there is a Beehive in the Draugr buildings or watchtowers and you can simply cut the whole structures down to obtain it.

There is no actual Honey location, and you must follow the steps mentioned above to start farming it.

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