Valheim: Wolf Pelt Farming Guide

Valheim Wolf Pelt

If you have travelled to the Mountains biomes, you may have come in contact with Wolves and noticed how comfortable they are while you freeze your tushy off.

In order to survive the cold atmosphere in the Mountains biomes, you will need to find a way to fight the cold which Wolves play a huge part in (although Lox can solve this too) because of their Wolf Pelt.

Wolf Pelt is not just for making a Wolf Fur Cape to combat the cold, it is also used for other armor pieces needed to complete the Wolf Armor Set.

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How To Farm Wolf Pelt?

Initially you will have to find Wolves and hunt or tame them to get Wolf Pelt but taming them would be a good choice to get your own Wolf Pelt farm started.

Hunting Wolves

One of the earliest ways to get Wolf Pelt is to travel near the snow to lure Wolves to you but sometimes they are more within the Mountains biome which can result in you freezing.

In order to enter the Mountains biome safely, you will either have to use Frost Resistance Mead or use a Lox Cape as these are the only ways to become immune to the freezing effect.

After using one of the methods to kill or tame Wolves, you can get whatever Wolf Pelt you have collected and use it to make a Wolf Fur Cape and other items.

Wolf Fur Cape should be your first priority since it will allow you to return and farm more Wolves or tame them for later on.

Wolf Livestock

Instead of constantly returning to the Mountains biome to spend minute and hours searching for Wolves and waiting for them to respawn, you can breed them.

Breeding Wolves is a good way to provide you and your allies with an unlimited supply of the materials a Wolf drops.

To breed Wolves, you simply have to tame them and feed them so they are all hungry and will continue to give birth to pups for your later on Wolf Pelt crafting needs.

You will have to wait for Wolf Pups to fully grow in order to kill them for their resources and taming higher level Wolves gives you more.

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Wolf Pelt Uses

There are quite a few Wolf Pelt recipes in Valheim and most of them are for completing the Wolf Armor Set as well as provide you with decorative comfort items.


  • Drake Helmet
  • Wolf Armor chest
  • Wolf Armor Legs
  • Wolf Fur Cape


  • Dragon Bed
  • Wolf Rug

The Drake Helmet is actually and obviously from the Drake but requires materials from a Wolf to craft and is considered to be the helmet piece of the Wolf Armor Set.

Only the Wolf Fur Cape provides protection against the cold while the rest of the Wolf Armor provides strong protection from damage.

The Dragon Bed provides an additional comfort of 2 when resting while the Wolf Rug provides 1, adding up to 3 comfort when resting.


You have got to admit, the Wolf Armor Set looks really cool and is probably one fo the best late game armor sets that you can get.

Second to the Padded Armor Set, Wolf Pelt Armor protects its user well and is quite expensive when you need to fully upgrade it with Wolf Pelt and other resources needed for it.

It may be a shame to have to slaughter some Wolves to get the pelt but it will all pay off in the end, plus you can breed as many as you want if you leave at least 2 alive.

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