Valheim: Freeze Gland Farming Guide

Valheim Freeze Gland

Freeze Gland is one of the later items you find in Valheim once you stumble upon the larger Mountains biomes in the game.

These items can only be obtained in the Mountain biomes by hunting Drakes, creatures that fly around the Mountains biome.

In order to gain access to weapons that can deal frost damage, you will need Freeze Glands for crafting such items.

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Where To Get Freeze Gland?

Freeze Glands drop from Drakes, and these creatures only spawn in the Mountains biome but are hardly found in smaller areas.

Drakes are not easily found if the Mountains biome you are in is small, but it is still possible to find them there.

If there is a runestone at the top of a Mountains biome, it may be a good chance that you have found a Drake spawning area.

If you do not have a way to survive in the Mountains biome due to the cold weather, you can use Frost Resistant Mead to become immune from the freezing effect.

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How To Farm Freeze Gland?

To farm Freeze Gland, you will have to find a large Mountain biome, but you should also be careful as other enemies may attack you, such as Wolves, Fenring, and Golems.

The bigger the Mountain biome you are in, the more Drakes will usually appear, especially if you venture to the highest point in each area.

A good idea would be to create an outpost in the Mountains biome with a Portal that you can easily travel back and forth when you need to farm Freeze Glands.

Drakes can be found by moving around and will make a schreeching sound when they detect you and will follow through with attacking you from a distance.

You will need to fight them back with ranged weapons in order to kill them as they do not land and will continue to assault you with 3 consecutive ranged frost attacks.

If you are undetected by a Drake, you can deal extra damage to it and possibly kill it with one blow by dealing a sneak attack.

Freeze Gland Uses

You will mainly be able to create items that allow you to deal frost damage to enemies, but currently, there are only 2 items you can craft for now.


  • Frost Arrow


  • Frostner

Frost arrows seem to be able to do more damage to most of the other enemies in the game and slow them down for an easier kill, making it less troublesome to farm late-game enemies such as Fullings, Lox, Sea Serpents, and more.

Frostner can be pretty helpful, being a powerful blunt weapon with both spirit and frost damage, making it great against almost any enemy, especially the undead.


When you are looking out for Drakes, you should watch out for the Wolves in the area as they can catch you off guard.

You will need a good bow when hunting Drakes as they do not land and continuously fly around spitting frost projectiles.

Creating an outpost that offers you a good view of the area and a good defense will make it easier for you to farm Freeze Gland in the area.

Saving up on Freeze Gland can be a big help later on, especially when fighting undead enemies and Bonemass (third boss), as it takes good damage from Frost Arrows.

Drakes may also drop a Drake Trophy, which allows you to craft a Drake Helmet, the helmet part for the Wolf Armour Set.

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