Valheim: Guck Farming Guide

Valheim Guck

Guck is a gooey green slime like substance found in the Swamp biome and must be gathered from the trees with Guck Sacks attached to them.

You will need to get your hands on some of this resource if you wish to craft one of the late-game bows, the Draugr Fang.

This resource is mainly available and can easily be spotted on Ancient Trees within the Swamp biome and must be attacked at melee range to collect.

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How To Farm Guck?

Sometimes you can find Guck Sacks at the base of an Ancient Tree, but it is sometimes dangerous if near the water since Leeches can take a bite at you.

Always check the around you before you start collecting Guck from nearby trees as you don’t want to get surprised and pushed off into water or cornered by enemies.

You will notice Guck mainly by its large round shape and the green glow that it emits from within it.

Regarding how to get Guck on trees, you will need to use a melee weapon to break the Guck Sacks that drop Guck.

Sometimes you will notice that Guck is stuck to the higher part of a tree, and these trees cannot be cut down to force the Guck to drop.

You will need to place down a Workbench and start building stairs or other structures to help you reach the Guck at the top of those trees.

Be careful if there are enemies; they might attempt to attack you, destroying the structure and causing you to fall and take damage.

You will not be able to damage Guck Sacks with long-range weapons and will have to stick with melee ones to break them.

Guck Uses

Guck can be used for a few decorative items but is mainly used to create one of the late-gate weapons, the Draugr Fang.


  • Draugr Fang


  • Green Banner
  • Standing Green-Burning Iron Torch

You will need a hefty amount of Guck for the Draugr Fang, which includes saving some for upgrading it to make it stronger.

The Draugr Fang is sometimes referred to as the Guck Bow since it is the only weapon in Valheim right now that requires Guck to craft.

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While the Standing Green-Burning Iron Torch provides a seemingly prettier light source, it’s best to save your Guck for the Draugr Bow that you will want to be crafting later on.

There is currently no type of Guck Bomb (as we have seen an Ooze Bomb already), and the only weapons available to craft it the Draugr Fang.

It may be possible that Guck may have more uses in the future updates to come, but right now, it would be best to upgrade your Draugr Fang to max level before anything else with it.

Resorting to structures such as ladders, stairs, and other wooden building parts will allow you to build a way going up to the higher parts of trees, allowing you to collect more Guck from them.

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