Valheim: Bloodbags Farming Guide

Valheim Bloodbags

Bloodbags are an important item for survivability, and play a huge role in the mid to endgame in Valheim.

These are items that drop from Leeches in the Swamp biome and can be used for crafting a few items that can make it easier for your character to survive harsh situations.

Bloodbags are not easily acquired during the earlier stages of your gameplay in Valheim but eventually become easier to get once you know how to efficiently farm them.

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How To Farm Bloodbags?

If you’re wondering how to get Bloodbag or several Bloodbags, they are loot dropped from a Leech but killing them can prove to be quite difficult because of their ability to poison you.

Aside from the initial hit, a Leech’s bite is capable of dealing 20 pierce damage and 60 poison for a level 1 variant.

You could attempt to kill it at melee range but using a bow would be best to avoid getting poisoned which lasts for a long period and eventually leads to your death.

You can easily take out Leeches with a bow and even the most standard of arrows and this can be done easily once they notice you as they tend to wait for you near the shore or in the water near land.

A Bloodbag farm technique is to lure a lot of Leeches since they have a large aggro range and have them all pile up nearby.

When there are multiple Leeches stacked up together, you can build a barrier to prevent them from escaping and kill them one by one.

Bloodbag Uses

Bloodbags have traits that come within the Leeches which is probably why they can survive in the swamp and outlast most of the creatures in Valheim.

There are currently a few Bloodbag recipe items that are available for crafting, useful for later on in the game.

The following are available as Bloodbag use options:


  • Blood Pudding


  • Mead Base: Frost Resistance
  • Mead Base: Medium Healing


  • Red banner

Mead Base items need to be placed into the Fermenter to create their specific meads and will take up to 2 days to process.

Using Frost Resistance mead will grant you the opportunity to venture out into the Mountains biome to tame wolves, collect silver, and more when you have no warm clothing (capes).

Medium Healing Mead is a good item to have when you are facing tough enemies, bosses, or when you need to make a quick recovery when you are poisoned or about to die ingame.

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To venture out into the Mountains biome, you will need Frost Resistance Mead but another option would be to farm Lox Pelt from Lox in the Plains which can be troublesome.

Leeches tend to follow you wherever you go but will mainly stay in the water and this can be used to your advantage as you try to farm Bloodbags.

It is best to avoid coming into contact with Leeches and watch out for them before you run across certain parts in the Swamp biome.

Aside from Leeches being a danger, there are also Draugr, Skeletons, and Surtlings which may add to the trouble you experience.

The best way to kill Leeches is to use a bow and fire arrows at them until they are dead but check for nearby ones as well as they can creep up to you when you loot the Bloodbags.

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