Valheim: Neck Tail Farming Guide

Valheim Neck Tail

When you first start out in Valheim, you will stumble upon a few weaker creatures in the game which can provide you with sustenance.

The Neck is one example that appears as a reptile-like creature valued for its Neck Tails that are used in cooking and creating mead.

It will come in handy later if you are able to farm a suitable amount of Neck Tail as this can be used for a decent food buff or mead that makes you resistant to poison damage.

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How to Farm Neck Tail?

Obviously, you can get Neck Tail by killing Necks, and these creatures are not too hard to kill but can still overpower a new player.

Most of the time, these creatures can be found swimming along the shores of islands or in rivers that go inland.

You can engage these safely from afar with a bow and arrow or move up to them to attack with your melee weapons.

It is even possible to kill Necks by merely punching them, but this can be frustrating as they move around fast and may be harder to hit.

Higher-level Necks will drop more Neck Tails, and this makes it easier to collect them for later on.

Necktail Uses

There are currently only two uses for Neck Tails, and this is either to grill them at a Cooking Station or to use them for creating mead that reduces poison damage.


  • Grilled Neck Tail


  • Mead Base: Poison Resistance

Grilled Neck Tail is cooked by placing a Neck Tail on the Cooking Station and will take up to 20 seconds for each to cook.

Poison Resistance Mead is created by placing the Mead Base: Poison Resistance item into a Fermenter, and it will take two days for it to process.

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Necks may seem like cute little creatures, but for your survival, you will need to show them who is on top of the food chain.

You can find many Necks most of the time, and building near a river or shore can help you farm Neck Tails later on.

It appears that Necks also respawn quickly, and you can repeatedly farm them from time to time by heading to nearby water where they can be found every once in a while.

The Poison Resistance Mead is essential when facing enemies that can deal poison damage, such as Blobs and Leeches.

Fighting Bonemass demands that you have Poison Resistance Mead, or else you will be more susceptible to damage and will likely fail.

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