Valheim: Greydwarf Eye Guide (Farming, Sources, Uses)

Valheim Greydwarf Eye

You would think that the Greydwards were simple humanoid creatures, but there is more to them than meets the eye, literally.

Their eyes appear to glow and have a mystical property about them, making their eyes a key ingredient in some of the items you can make in Valheim.

If you are still wondering how to farm Greydwarf Eyes, obtaining them should be pretty obvious, and yes, you will have to kill a lot of them for a good supply of their eyes.

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How To Farm Greydwarf Eyes?

Greydwarf Eyes drop from Greydwarfs when you kill them, and this occurs with any type of Greydwarf, be it a normal, brute, or shaman type.

Killing Greydwarfs

You will notice that Greydwarfs will attack you every now and then when you progress through the game, and they can usually be found in the Black Forest biome.

Greydwarfs can usually be found in groups near old buildings in the Black forest and chase after you as soon as they sense you.

Killing a Greydwarf will make it drop a Greydwarf Eye (only one regardless of the fact they have two eyes), but those with higher levels will drop twice and more depending on the level.

Camping Greydwarf Nests

As you travel around the Black Forest, you will notice Greydwar Nests (Glowing purple vine structures) that spawn Greydwarf enemies.

You can camp near these spawners and continuously kill the Greydwarfs that appear but be careful not to hit the spawner, or it will stop creating Greydwarfs.

An AFK method of farming multiple Greydwarf Eyes from their nests is setting up traps or keeping wolves with you as you stay in a small building or tower.

Kill as many Greydwarfs as you want and simply leave the Greydwarf Nest so that you can come back later and farm more.

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Greydwarf Eye Sources

The following enemies in Valheim drop Greydwarf Eyes:

  • Greyling
  • Greydwarf
  • Greydwarf Brute
  • Greydwarf Shaman

Greydwarf Eye Uses

Greydwarf Eyes are mainly used for more magical needs such as the power to resist freezing through the use of mead as well as the magical properties of a Portal or Ward.


  • Mead Base: Frost Resistance


  • Copper Knife (Upgrades)


  • Portal
  • Ward

You may need to get a bunch of Greydwarf Eyes to make the Frost Resistance Mead, as it will be needed later on if you are to enter the Mountains biome.

Copper Knives can be upgraded, but sadly this does not really do much later on and is not worth it until we see something that benefits from it.

Portals are essential in Valheim as they allow you to travel pretty much anywhere on the map, and this is one of the main reasons you need Greydwarf Eyes.

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A Ward is not always necessary, but it does protect your personal buildings from other players who you do not want lurking around your property.


Greydwarfs are not that hard to kill but can be pretty pesky when many of them start to gang up on you and it is best not to get surrounded.

Watch out for Greydwarf Brutes, as they can really deal some damage and the Greydwarf Shamans that cast a stream of poison.

One of the primary uses you will have for Greydwarf Eyes is for Portals, as these are what will allow you to fast travel from one location to another.

It is not hard to farm Greydwarf Eyes, and as you progress later on into the game, they will be pretty easy to kill.

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