Valheim: Lox Pelt Farming Guide

Valheim Lox Pelt

Some of the sturdiest furs can make a huge difference when it comes to harsh weather, as well as some decorative items in your home.

If you have noticed the Lox that roam around in the Plains biome, you will notice how bulky they are, along with a large amount of fur on their bodies.

Hunting Lox will provide you with their pelt, which you can use later when crafting items as you progress through the game.

Don’t let these large fluffy creatures fool you; take one wrong step towards them, and you are in for a rumble with one or more of them.

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How To Farm Lox Pelt?

Lox Pelt comes from Lox, and you must hunt these creatures down and kill them if you want to take them from them.

You should be careful when hunting Lox in an area as nearby Deathsquitos or Fulings may attack you.

Using Frost Arrows does an excellent job as it can slow down the Lox and buy you a few more shots when attacking from afar.

If you engage a Lox in melee combat, you should be careful because its attacks deal massive damage and can end up knocking you around or even killing you.

If there are multiple Lox in one area, they will rush to defend the one you are attacking, which requires you to fight all of them or isolate your target.

You can lure a Lox away from its group by moving slightly near it until it notices you but avoid letting the others see you, or you will face their herd.

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Lox Pelt Uses

There are currently only a few uses for Lox Pelt, but this may change later on in further updates as this material is quite challenging to get and may be useful for other items.


  • Lox Cape


  • Lox Rug

A Lox Cape can be a big help to players who are able to kill Lox in the earlier stages of Valheim as this can help the rest of the freezing effect in the Mountains biome.

There is nothing cozier than a pleasantly soft and warm Lox Rug to place inside your home, making it look appealing and providing comfort.


Lox is very slow and can easily be outrun even without sprinting, but you should avoid allowing them to catch up to you at all costs.

Before engaging any Lox in an area, check your surroundings and check what kind of terrain you can make use of to kite and even easily defeat the Lox.

Making a Lox Pelt is very useful in the mid to late-game as you can get Silver at an earlier time since you won’t need Frost Resistance Mead to explore the Mountains biome.

Lox will usually spawn in groups of 3, so it is best that you think of a way to take them out or separate them from each other.

Currently, you cannot breed Lox, but in the future, if it is implemented in the game, you can use this to turn them into livestock for farming Lox Pelt and its other resources.

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