Valheim: Wolf Fang Farming Guide

Valheim Wolf Fang

Wolf Fangs are more than just proof of you being an apex predator amongst the wildlife in Valheim; it also gives you the opportunity to craft more items.

Some items in Valheim require Wolf Fangs to create and upgrade and have an abundant amount that can be useful for later on.

In order to get Wolf Fangs, it is pretty evident that you will need to hunt some down, but with the high amount of Wolf fangs required, it would be tedious to continuously look for fresh spawns.

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How To Farm Wolf Fang?

You can find Wolves lurking around in the Mountain biomes, and they are more likely to appear at the center of the biome.

Larger Mountains biomes may have more Wolves, but you should also watch out for the Drakes that fly around and attack you as well as the Fenrings (werewolf creatures) who lurk during the night.

Hunting Wolves

Eventually, if you want to get Wolf Fangs, you will have to kill Wolves, but this is no easy task for beginners and those who are unprepared.

In order to face Wolves, you should be able to enter the Mountains biome, so make sure you use a Wolf Fur Cape or a Lox Cape to survive the freezing area.

If you do not have the means to make any of the capes, you can settle for Frost Resistance Mead to keep you alive in the Mountains biome.

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Wolves can be deadly when they surround you, and it is best to bring a shield with you to parry their attacks and kill them easily.

You can take on Wolves with a bow, but eventually, one or two may find you instead of you finding them, making things even more dangerous.

Wolf Livestock

It may seem a bit cruel, but you got to do what it takes to survive, and this may include raising Wolves to the slaughter.

You can have Wolves breed in an area by simply leaving Sausages or Raw Meat in an area for them to eat, and they will automatically breed when in range of one another.

Once a Wolf gives birth to a Wolf Pup, you should wait for it to fully grow into a Wolf and keep allowing them to breed until you have many fully grown Wolves.

Kill as many as you need to kill to get the Wolf Fangs but be sure to leave some so that they can breed again for more supplies or for you to take out on adventures.

Taming and breeding higher-level Wolves will ensure you get even more drops from the Wolf livestock you have.

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Wolf Fang Uses

Wolf Fangs are usually required along with Silver as these are used to make the leggings for the Wolf Armor Set, but they are also useful for a different kind of spear.

The following are the Wolf Fang recipes:


  • Wolf Armor Legs


  • Wolf Fang Spear

To complete the Wolf Armor Set, you will need Wolf Fangs to craft and upgrade the Wolf Armor Legs.

The Wolf Fang Spear is one of the strongest pierce damage weapons and the strongest spear as of now, with few resource requirements.


Although it is not always easy to venture off into the Mountain biomes and come back with a heap of Wolf Fangs, there are always other ways to do it.

You can always tame a Wolf and lead it out of the Mountain biomes to breed elsewhere or simply create an outpost where you keep them.

If you keep your Wolves in the Mountains biome for breeding, they may become easy prey for Drakes, so be careful where you leave them when going to other bases or outposts.

The best way to keep a steady amount of Wolves for both farming and defense would be to bring them out of the Mountains biome into your main base.

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