Valheim: Resin Farming Guide

Valheim Resin

When you need a good source of fire, Resin is a resource that may come to mind as it is flammable and can be used in many ways.

You can use these to light up your home or set enemies on fire, whichever is most needed in your current situation.

There are different ways to get Resin, and eventually, you will need a good supply, especially when preparing for certain fights.

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How To Farm Resin?

Chopping Trees

When chopping down trees, there is a chance that Resin will fall when you destroy it, and this happens with smaller ones as well.

You may notice while you are farming Wood that Resin also starts to appear in your inventory, and this is because Resin also comes from trees and other plants.

While cutting down trees is provides you with Resin, it is not always the best way to get Resin as it can take up a lot of time.

There is no specific Resin wood source or tree that drops Resin as almost any tree can drop it.

Hunting Greydwarfs

Greydwarfs are guaranteed to provide you with Resin, and killing many of them can easily allow you to farm a bunch in seconds.

You can usually find Greydwarf enemies located in the Black Forest, and sometimes they can be found in large groups.

The higher the level of the Greydwarf, the more Resin and other resources it may drop, which makes farming them even better.

Camping Greydwarf Nests

Greydwarf Nests can be found in the Black Forest and usually spawn different kinds of Greydwarfs that you can kill for Resin.

Try not to hit the Greydwarf Nest, though, because it can destroy it and prevent further spawning of the Greydwarfs.

You can get an unlimited supply of Resin as long as you keep killing Greydwarfs but be sure to watch out for the stronger ones.

Camping the Greydwarf spawn points is currently the best Resin farm strategy yet, and you can even do this with traps or even keep Wolves with you.

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Resin Uses

Resin has many uses, which makes it worth farming, especially when it comes to Fire Arrows for dealing a lot of damage to enemies or the source of light it provides when it becomes dark.


  • Wood shield


  • Fire Arrow


  • Torch
  • Mead Horn Of Odin
  • Tankard


  • Ooze Bomb


  • Fermenter


  • Sconce
  • Standing iron torch
  • Standing wood torch


  • Karve
  • Raft

Light sources that Resin is used to craft will require it to refuel the fire and prolong the Resin burn time depending on the stacks you place.


While there are different ways for you to get Resin, if you really aim to farm a lot of it, your best bet is killing a lot of Greydwarfs.

You can use Resin for Fire Arrows almost anywhere in the games since the damage over time can be quite useful against certain enemies and a temporary light source.

It is ideal for keeping an abundant amount of Resin as many things you will be crafting, later on, needs it, which will help you progress.

When farming Greydwarfs at their nests, higher-level ones may spawn and provide more Resin when killed.

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