Valheim: Serpent Scale Farming Guide

Valheim Serpent Scale

Serpent Scales are quite the rare resource to find, not only because killing a Sea Serpent is required, but finding one can sometimes take a bit of time.

To farm Serpent Scales, you will need to head out into the seas and search for these creatures, but this will not be an easy task as they can prove to be quite deadly for some.

Collecting this resource not only allows you to craft the Serpent Scale Shield, but it is also pretty good for bragging rights since not everyone can easily take out a Sea Serpent, especially in their early game.

How To Farm Serpent Scale?

The only way for you to get Serpent Scales is to venture off into the Ocean biome and hunt Sea Serpents that lurk around these deadly waters.

You may not notice the Sea Serpents right away, and it is best that you zoom your camera out to get a good view of the area.

Once a Sea Serpent appears, you have a few seconds to take some shots at it because it will attempt to pop its head out of the water and roar at you.

The best way to kill a Sea Serpent is to use a bow since they often swim back and forth, attacking you whenever they come in contact with your ship.

Be sure not to let it destroy your ship, or you are a sitting duck and will most likely get killed while swimming to your safety.

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Serpent Scale Uses

There are not many uses right now for the Serpent Scale aside from making the Serpent Scale Shield with a block power of 90, making it pretty absorbent when it comes to blocking damage.

If you are a fan of tower shields, you can resort to using a Serpent Scale Shield instead of wasting Iron on making an Iron Tower Shield as a Serpent Shield has a blocking power of 90 while a max level Iron Tower Shield only has 85.

Bear in mind that any tower shield used is only capable of blocking damage and cannot be used to parry, but since the Serpent Scale Shield has a high base block power, it goes pretty well with the Blocking Skill.

It may be possible that there will be other uses for Serpent Scales as players are also looking forward to Serpent Scale Armor and other items.


Back then, Serpent Scale sink issues were a problem based on what other players have said but nowadays, these resources stay afloat on the water and can be safely collected.

Serpent Scale drop rate guarantees that they will drop in amounts of 8 or 9 pieces with each kill of a Sea Serpent.

Some players would wonder the Serpent Scale Shield worth it, and if you are a tower shield user who prefers to mainly block instead of parrying, then yes, because it provides good mid to late-game defense.

You can farm Serpent Scale solo, but you should be equipped with the right gear and should resort to using a Karve or a Longship to outrun or chase Sea Serpents.

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