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Death can sometimes be inevitable in Valheim as there are many dangers that put your character’s life at risk and could end up with you getting killed.

Once your character dies, you are put into a position where you must make up for your loss and either try to get back up instead of starting all over again.

Respawning is part of the game and there are ways in which you can cope with death every once in a while, in Valheim.

Death in Valheim

Your character will die if their health bar is completely drained which can happen when you are attacked, suffer from elemental damage such as fire or poison, and even if you get squished by falling trees.

As a result of dying, you will lose certain skill experience, which means you will lose your overall efficiency if you keep dying.

Your inventory will also drop upon death but you will still be able to retrieve it, provided that no one steals it and that you can make it back to your items.

What Is the No Skill Drain Buff?

The No Skill Drain Buff is a temporary buff that prevents your character from losing skill experience when dying.

This is given to players who recently died and might be trying to get their items back, which allows them to make the attempt without worrying about losing their skill levels.

Each time you die, the No Skill Drain Buff will be provided but once it is gone, you can lose skill levels again before receiving the buff after your next death.

Respawning in ValheimVALREG005-2

Those who have just started out will respawn back at the starting point where they spawned as they just started out.

Players who have already built shelters may craft beds that can be used as a spawn point, allowing them to respawn in their bases or outposts where they placed the beds.

You can only have one respawn location at a time and it is important to consider where you will respawn before proceeding with adventures or when farming.

How to Set Respawn Location?

In order to set your respawn location, you will first need a bed, which can easily be crafted with a hammer and some wood.

Once there is an available bed, you need to interact with it to set it as your spawn location but this can be changed at any time when you interact with another bed.

You may own several beds in the Valheim but the only one can be registered as your spawn point once interacted with.

Death Marker

The first thing you may think of doing is getting your items back and this can be hard if you lose track of where you died.

Once you have respawned, you will notice that there is a death marker on your map, showing you the exact location of where your character died and where your inventory dropped.

If you die more than once and you are unable to reach your inventory, the death marker will show your last location of death but no need to worry, your items will still be on the ground.

Tombstone Dropped InventoryVALREG005-3

Your items will be stashed in a tombstone that is dropped upon your death and you will simply need to interact with it to open it up and take its contents.

Once you reach your dropped items, you can open it up like you would a chest but if you have enough inventory slot (if you avoided picking up items along the way and have enough space to loot your tombstone), you will be able to pick up all your items by interacting with the tombstone.

It is important that you have enough space or else you will have to take your items one by one (although there is a take-all feature) which can end up getting you killed if enemies are nearby.

Making a Run for Your Items

The first thing you want to do after dying is to head over to your items and retrieve them as quickly as possible to make a fast recovery.

A good idea would be to eat food before you head out or as you make your way towards your dropped items to increase your likeliness to survive.

Food will not only increase your health; it will also increase your stamina which will let your sprint longer as you make your way to your tombstone.


As much as possible, avoiding death in Valheim is suggested but in case you do die, you can rest assured knowing that you can still get your items back.

Your skills will suffer as a result of your character’s death but that is pretty much the only penalty you will get.

It is necessary to always choose the right to respawn point as once you do, you will always respawn there unless your bed is removed or destroyed.

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