Valheim: Carrot Soup Making Guide

Valheim Carrot Soup

Carrot Soup is one of the first soup food items that you can craft in Valheim and becomes available once you progress into the mid-game of Valheim.

Although this food only provides a small amount of health, similar to what berries and mushrooms provide, it is balanced by providing a large amount of stamina.

This food item goes well with other items to either make a balance of good health and stamina or focus on stamina builds.

Carrot Soup weights 1.0 and can stack up to 10, making one stack add 10 weight per slot.

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Carrot Soup Effects

Providing a decent amount of stamina, Carrot Soup is one of the earliest food items that last longer than your ordinary early game food and provides a tradeoff of stamina over health.

  • 20 Health
  • 60 Stamina
  • 2 Health Regeneration Per Tick
  • Lasts 1500 Seconds (25 Minutes)

Carrot Soup Ingredients

  • Mushroom 1x
  • Carrot 3x

Mushrooms can easily be found while roaming around in the Black Forest or parts of the Meadows connected to the Black Forest.

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Carrots are easy to farm as they can increase by 3x every time you continue to plant and harvest them, making them an essential food item for players starting.

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How To Cook Carrot Soup?

The Carrot Soup recipe can be cooked using a Cauldron and becomes available after Carrots and Mushrooms are in your inventory.

Farming Carrots via planting requires you to have a Cultivator crafted with Bronze (Tin and Copper) and is available after being able to mine, usually after defeating Eikthyr, the First Boss.

Each time you craft this food item, you will receive 1 cup of soup (Carrot Soup).


Carrot Soup is one of the best early to mid-game items you can craft in Valheim and is excellent later on paired with Turnip Stew as you progress.

While many players prefer a good amount of health, the stamina boost, mild health boost, and regeneration make Carrot Soup a pretty good choice overall.

Since Carrots can be farmed in large amounts with the Cultivator, Carrot Soup is one of the most accessible mid-tier foods you can make in the game.

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