Valheim: Bread Making Guide

Valheim bread

Bread is one of the late-game food items that can be made in Valheim, and although most would expect it to be baked, it is cooked just like most food in the game in a more straightforward manner.

This food item provides one of the highest amounts of stamina buffs in Valheim, along with a considerable amount of health.

Each loaf of Bread has a weight of 0.5 and can be stacked up to 20 per slot, which makes each stack have a weight of 10.

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Bread Effects

Bread provides players with a significant amount of stamina over a slightly low amount of health when considered in the late-game.

  • 40 Health
  • 70 Stamina
  • 2 Health Regeneration Per Tick
  • Lasts 1800 Seconds (30 Minutes)

Bread Ingredients

  • 10x Barley Flour

Barley can be found in the Plains biome and later on farmed after searching for cultivated spots in Fuling settlements and can be harvested once found.

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How to Cook Bread?

 Cooking the Bread Recipe is done in the Cauldron, which is quite weird as the food should usually be baked and might be implemented later on in the game.

To produce Barley Flour, you will need to have defeated the Fourth Boss in Valheim, Moder, and will need to craft an Artisan Table.

The Artisan Table unlocks the Windmill, which is used to produce Barley Flour by processing Barley.


Bread may not be able to provide the best amount of health but every drop counts, and with the high amount of stamina, players can do more actions before becoming tired.

This food item is excellent for players who are constantly moving around and attacking at quick speeds as stamina can continuously be drained.

Due to this food’s lightweight, it can easily be carried in large amounts and provides players with better mobility due to the increase in stamina and small weight.

Combined with other stamina-focused food items, Bread can help players increase their stamina to very high amounts.

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