Valheim: Cooked Meat Making Guide

Valheim Cooked Meat

Starting in Valheim can be pretty confusing at first, and one of the basic needs of your character is food, which increases your health, stamina, and health regeneration.

While some Berries and Mushrooms can be found, different kinds of Meat offer better sustenance for your character.

The most basic kind of Meat is simply known as Raw Meat, and this can be cooked in order to allow your character to eat it.

Cooked Meat weighs 1.0 per piece and can stack up to 20 per item slot, making each full stack weigh 20 in your inventory.

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Cooked Meat Effects

As one of the earlier cooked foods in Valheim, Cooked Meat offers much better stats than food that you can forage.

  • 40 Health
  • 30 Stamina
  • 2 Health Regeneration Per Tick
  • Lasts 1200 Seconds (20 Minutes)

Cooked Meat Ingredients

Every time you kill a particular creature in Valheim, a type of meat item drops, and you can obtain them from killing Boars, Deer, and Wolves for Raw Meat.

Depending on what animal you hunt, different amounts of Raw Meat can be obtained, especially with higher level ones.

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How To Prepare Cooked Meat?

You can begin making Cooked Meat as soon as you obtain Meat from killing creatures and have a Cooking Station ready.

All you need to do is build a Campfire and place a Cooking Station over it, which will allow you to put Meat on it for cooking.


Cooked Meat is one of the starting foods that your character will be dependent on if you are to manage more challenging fights with enemies during your early game.

Along with other food items, Cooked Meat can be combined to achieve higher amounts of health, stamina, and health regeneration.

Unlike other Meat in Valheim, you cannot use Cooked Meat for other recipes, but you can with Raw Meat when crafting food such as Sausages or Turnip Stew.

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