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Valheim Cart

Carrying items around with you can be quite a hassle as your inventory slots may impose a limit to your ability to bring everything with you.

When you farm large quantities of resources, especially those with high amounts of weight, you can become encumbered which slows you down a lot and hinders you from progressing fast.

Luckily, there is a Cart that you can build in Valheim which allows you to store multiple items within its inventory and you can drag the Cart around with you.

How to Unlock Cart?

You unlock the Cart the first time you pick up or craft Bronze Nails, which you need along with other resources to build it.

The Cart will need to be built similar to how you place down structures and must be placed in a proper spawn to build it.

How to Use Cart?

To use a cart, you should position yourself between the handles and interact with one of them, causing ropes to attach to your player and allowing you to pull the Cart.

If you try to interact with the Cart and it says “Cart not in the right position”, this means you need to get in between the two handles.

You can push and pull the Cart depending on how you move and where the Cart is positioned but be careful as it may take damage if it goes through bumpy pathing.

Sadly, the cart through portal method doesn’t work and it will be left behind if you attempt to pull it through a portal.

Cart Storage

The Cart capacity allows you to use 18 storage slots and it has an unlimited weight limit but the more weight that the Cart has, the harder it may be to pull it.

Even if you stuff the Cart with a bunch of metals or other heavy items, you can still pull it as long as the path is not too steep.

How to Repair Cart?

Cart repair can be done similar to structures and all you have to do is put down a Workbench to allow you to use your Hammer in the area.

The Cart must be in the area of the Workbench and once this is in order, you can use the Hammer to repair the Cart for free.

It is a good idea to always bring a Hammer and some Wood with you but in any case, you can always pick up Stones and Wood to make them.

Cart on Boat

A cart on a Raft has a higher chance of falling off but bringing it on a Karve or Longship does well, but you may have to bring a few repair items just in case.

You can sail around with your Cart on a boat but you should be careful when things get rough as the Cart will get tossed around with the boat.

The Cart won’t fall off the boat but it will either take damage or damage the boat, but the damage will be minimal and you can easily store it near the shore to repair your boat.


Carts may be one of the most useful objects in Valheim due to their ability to be used as alternative storage as well as a cargo holder.

You can farm a lot of resources and store them in the Cart before bringing them back to base to avoid being encumbered.

Although there is no Cart portal technique or option it is still very useful and since you can bring it on your boat, it can be very convenient.

Since there is no max weight, the Cart can hold as many items as you put in it and still allow you to drag it around with minimal penalty.

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