BL3 Empowered Grawn (Boss): Defeating, Location, Attacks, Drops, Weak Spots

Empowered Grawn Boss Bl3

The Empowered Grawn is a boss that you encounter during The Mountain Of Mayhem which is a mission where you attempt to take a sample of the Heart Of Gythian.

Appearing as a normal grawn, the Empowered Grawn has been given more strength by Eleanor and was sent to kill you during your attempt to obtain the heart sample.

The Empowered Grawn wields a large shield and axe which it uses to block your bullets and attack you when up close.

During The Mountain Of Mayhem which brings you to Negul Neshai, you encounter the Empowered Grawn after stealing the sample of the Heart Of Gythian but won’t be able to attack him as he is invulnerable.

This all occurs after Deathtrap has been overcharged and was shut down but later on during the fight, Deathtrap will disable the Empowered Grawn’s invulnerability and fight alongside you to take it down.

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Fighting & Killing Empowered Grawn

The Empowered Grawn will come at you to close the distance you have between each other and afterwards it will attempt to attack you with close range attacks or abilities.

You should keep your distance from it and also take cover from the attacks of the enemies it spawns in as they can cause more trouble than the Empowered Grawn.

There will be periods where the Empowered Grawn will be invulnerable and you won’t be able to damage it until the barrier it has created has been destroyed.

Deathtrap will be there during the fight and will attack the Empowered Grawn with its beam attack, destroying the barrier and allowing you to damage the Empowered Grawn once more.

Not only will Deathtrap attack the Empowered Grawn, it will also talk nearby enemies which makes it good to stay nearby.

Weak Spots

Just like any of the other Bonded enemies, the weak spot of the Empowered Grawn is its head and it will take a higher amount of damage when targeted.

Due to the large shape of its helmet, it is easy to damage the Empowered Grawn but you will need to adjust early on as it will have a shield.

Notable Attacks

Shield Charge

With its shield in front of it, the Empowered Grawn charges forward to bash you and follow up with a swing from its weapon.

You can evade this attack by moving out of the way when it begins to charge forward and even take the advantage and shoot at it from behind.

Ground Splitter

After leaping into the air and slamming the ground, the Empowered Grawn sends out tentacles that split the ground beneath it, causing damage to those in a large radius.

The moment you see the Empowered Grown slam the ground, move away as there will be 3 pulses and you can use this as an advantage to take free shots.


The Empowered Grawn creates a barrier and becomes invulnerable for a period of time while it launches blood-like projectiles to bombard your location.

Keep moving around to avoid getting hit and wait for Deathtrap to attack the barrier to make the Empowered Grawn vulnerable again.

Notable Drops

The Empowered Grawn will drop common to epic loot and has a good chance of dropping legendary gear.

It has been found that the Empowered Grawn has a good chance of dropping the following:

  • Hawt Seeryul Killer (Assault Rifle)
  • Firesale Flama Diddle (Shotgun)
  • Oldridian (Submachine Gun)
  • Anarchy (Shotgun)

Other gear from the Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC may also drop.


  • Stay mobile as much as you can to avoid getting hit by not only the Empowered Grawn’s Bombardment attack but also to avoid the other Bonded that spawn along with it.
  • During the invulnerable phases, try to pick off the other Bonded to avoid taking more damage than necessary.
  • The Empowered Grawn is very slow and can easily be outmaneuvered and backstabbed, making the Bonded that are with it the main problem.
  • Using incendiary weapons will deal additional damage and aiming for the head will deal critical hits, resulting in a high damage output against the Empowered Grawn’s head.
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