Cold Case: Buried Questions (Side Mission) in BL3

Cold Case: Buried Questions mission bl3

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Xylourgos
  • Location: Cursehaven – Lantern’s Hook
  • Level: 57

A detective named Burton Briggs needs your help in solving a case that seems to have eluded him over the past as he has never been able to get to the bottom of it.

Your mission will be to help Burton recollect whatever you can find in order to dig up the case once more to finally crack it.

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Mission Walkthrough

Locating Burton’s Clues

After agreeing to assist Burton with his case, he will ask you to help him find an ECHO log and a journal that he had misplaced.

You will find the ECHO log on top of a box behind some drawers at the back of where Burton is standing.

The journal is located on the second floor which you can access via a hole in the ceiling that you can reach by jumping.

The journal will be on a carton that is hidden behind a box to the right of the door.

After obtaining the ECHO log and the journal, you will hand them over to Burton so he can analyze them.

Checking The Graves

Once the ECHO log and journal have been checked, Burton will ask you to meet him in the cemetery to search for more clues.

You will need to inspect 3 different graves to check if they reveal anything to Burton by refreshing his memories.

Exploring The Crypt

After checking out the 3 graves, no results will show up in Burton’s memory but afterwards he gets a hunch and decides to check out a nearby crypt.

Burton for some reason will know how to open the crypt and will ask you to go in alone as something from his memory is preventing him from entering.

Proceed into the crypt and you will come across an ECHO log that you will need to bring back to burton so he can check on it.

After checking the ECHO log, Burton will pull out a piece of the painting that you found earlier and you will then need to place it on the painting.

Once you have taken the piece from Burton, place it on the painting to open up a passage and follow it to investigate the crypt.

The passages will be blocked by hidden passages that you will need to open up which can be done by interacting with skulls attached to chains.

Make your way through the passage until you reach a sealed doorway which requires that you interact with another skull and chain to open.

The skull and chain to open up the gateway may be found across it and a breakable wall is all that stands in your way of reaching it.

Simply attack the way to destroy it and use the skull and chain to open up the next area.

As you move forward, you will find yourself at the end of the crypt where a Mysterious Box has been left behind.

Grab the Mysterious Box and hand it over to Burton who will take a look but once he has it, Bonded enemies will appear out of nowhere in an attempt to ambush you.

Kill all of the ambushers and Burton will later on give you the Mysterious Box for safe keeping.

Cold Case: Buried Questions Mission Rewards

After Burton hands over the Mysterious Box for safe keeping, the mission will be complete and you will be rewarded with around 115,000 cash.

The Cold Cases: Restless Memories mission will be available once this mission is complete.


  • Incendiary weapons will deal a good amount of damage against the kriches and even some of the Bonded later on but be sure to bring a corrosive weapon for those that have armor.
  • There will be an area with two skulls on chains but the one on the right side will be a trap and have a strong krich waiting to attack you.
  • Burton cannot be killed by the ambushers and it would be good to use this as an advantage if you can’t fight them head on.
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