The Nibblenomicon (Side Mission) in BL3

The Nibblenomicon mission bl3

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Xylourgos
  • Location: Dustbound Archives
  • Level: 57

A tome known as the Nibblenomicon was kept hidden and safe for a very long time but recently there is a risk of others stumbling upon it and this has gotten the attention of Mancubus Bloodtooth.

Your mission will be to locate the Nibblenomicon and bring it back safely to The Lodge so that no one may gain access to it and the dangers it may bring forth.

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Mission Walkthrough

Getting a Library Card

You will first need to make your way to the Dustbound Archives where you will then talk to Harriet so you may check out the Nibblenomicon.

Harriet will not be in the mood to assist you due to a nearby group of Bonded that have formed a book club that is causing noise.

You will need to head upstairs to the noisy bunch and deal kill them which will result in one of them dropping a Library Card that you may use later on.

Reach Forbidden Stacks

Once you have the Library Card, make your way towards the Forbidden Stacks which is locked by a gate which can be unlocked once you have obtained the card.

You will need to fight your way through the enemies in the Dustbound Archives as they will be lurking around as you push forward.

Obtain The Nobblenomicon

Use the Library Card to gain access to the Forbidden Stacks and proceed inside where you will find frozen bodies surrounding what appears to be the Nibblenomicon.

You will need to find a way to thaw out the ice in the area as it is also blocking the way to the Nibblenomicon and to do this you need to search for the Heat Valve that is in one of the bodies.

Destroy each of the bodies and pick up the Heat Valve once it has dropped and make your way to the piping nearby to place the valve.

There will be a locked door that prevents you from accessing the pipes and you will have to move passed the door and enter the vent leading into the room.

Once you are in the room, place the valve to allow heat to flow through the pipes and make your way back to the Nibblenomicon surrounded by ice.

The pipes above the Nibblenomicon will have a vulnerable part which you may shoot in order to have it spew out fire and thaw the ice.

Once the ice has been thawed out, enemies will appear and you must kill them in order to proceed with taking the Nibblenomicon.

Once you have obtained the Nibblenomicon, you will need to bring it to Harriet so she can check out the book but once you hand it to her she becomes intrigued with the book and takes a peek inside.

After Harriet takes a look, she transforms into a mindless creature and begins to attack you which results in the need for you to kill her.

Cook Recipe For Nibblenomicon

Once you have slain Harriet and taken the Nibblenomicon, head back to The Lodge and speak to Mancubus Bloodtooth.

He will ask you to place the book on the counter and later on think of a recipe that he can cook for the book.

The book will later spit out Cilantro which is an ingredient that will complete the recipe Mancubus Bloodtooth wants to cook.

Pick up the cilantro and place it in the nearby pot which will be marked by a waypoint and once the cooking is complete, feed some of it to the book.

The Nibblenomicon will enjoy the taste of the meal and will start to vomit out random loot that may be picked up.

The Nibblenomicon Mission Rewards

Aside from the loot that the Nibblenomicon has thrown up, you will be rewarded with around 115,000 cash.


  • The Dustbound Archives is full of Bonded enemies who are susceptible to headshots, making killing them easy due to the fact they are still humanoids.
  • The Bonded book club will be unaware of your presence at the start of your mission and you can take advantage with a surprise attack.
  • You may usually rush to open up the Forbidden Stacks without the need to clear the other enemies in the room.
  • Some Bonded enemies as well as the transformed Harriet, later known as What Was Once Harriet have armor and normal health, making corrosive and incendiary weapons a good choice of armaments.
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