Sinister Sounds (Side Mission) in BL3

Sinister Sounds mission bl3

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Xylourgos
  • Location: The Lodge (Skittermaw Basin)
  • Level: 57

Gaige has hired a DJ who goes by the name of DJ Midnight, who needs your help in creating a new dark mix for the party.

Your mission is to go out and help her by recording some sounds that she can later on use in making her dark and malevolent mix.

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Mission Walkthrough

After speaking with DJ Midnight, grab the sound recorder and head over to Skittermaw Basin to get your first task as she will not specify what to do until you enter that location.

It’s better to head for the gondola or fast travel there as there is a nearby Catch-A-Ride that you can use as your first task will involve using a vehicle.

Run Over Bandits

DJ Midnight first asks you to record the sounds of Frostbiter bones being crushed but insists you do them inside a canyon which you can easily head to once you have a vehicle.

You will then use the vehicle to kill at least 10 bandits by running them over with your vehicle in order to complete the recording.

Kill Prime Wolven

Once you have gotten the recording of the Frostbiters getting crushed, you will then be asked to to record the sound of a Prime Wolven’s howl.

To do this, head over to the marked area and kill a few wolvens to draw out the Prime Wolven and kill it to make it release a howl that will be recorded.

Record Banshee Scream

After you record the Prime Wolven’s howl, DJ Midnight will need you to get a sample sound from a Frostbiter Banshee.

Head over to Mistral’s moan which will be indicated by a waypoint and approach the building that has a large sign with the word “Frost” written on it.

You will then need to ring the doorbell in order to call the Frostbite Banshee but instead you will be ambushed by a group that was ordered to kidnap her.

You will need to kill the ambushers before you can proceed with the mission and one of them will drop an ECHO log.

Once the ECHO log has been dropped, pick it up so that you can find out where the Frostbite Banshee has been taken.

DJ Midnight will claim that her rival DJ Spinsmouth has taken the Frostbite Banshee and you must head over to him to get the recording.

Follow the waypoint that leads you to DJ Spinsmouth’s location and fight your way to the marked area, clearing the enemies in the area as well.

DJ Spinsmouth will make an appearance and you must kill him before you can release the Frostbite Banshee.

After killing DJ Spinsmouth, shoot the cable holding the cage that the Frostbite Banshee is trapped in so that it falls.

Approach the Frostbite Banshee and speak with her so that she can release a loud scream that will be recorded.

Once you have gotten the Frostbite Banshee’s scream recorded, head back to DJ Midnight in The Lodge and place the tape near her in the marked area.

Sinister Sounds Mission Rewards

Once DJ Midnight has played the new mix, the mission will be complete and you will then be rewarded with around 115,000 cash.


  • Be sure to fast travel near Catch-A-Rides so you don’t have to run a long distance, especially with the first task which requires you to head to the canyon.
  • Both the Prime Wolven and DJ Spinsmouth will have armor and health which makes bringing a corrosive and incendiary weapon a good idea to easily take them out.
  • Make use of your ability to fast travel instead of running around as you will be covering a lot of ground during this quest.
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