The Proprietor: Empty Bottles (Side Mission) in BL3

The Proprietor: Empty Bottles Mission Bl3

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Xylourgos
  • Location: The Lodge (Skittermaw Basin)
  • Level: 57

A man named Gideon has run off with wine from The Lodge, which is considered to be an abuse of his guest privileges and Mancubus Bloodtooth would like him to be found and dealt with accordingly.

Your job is to head to Skittermaw Basin and locate Gideon to serve justice for his abuse of the hospitality that was provided by The Lodge.

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Mission Walkthrough

Finding Gideon

Gideon has a home near the Clan Amourette camp which is a good choice to fast travel too if you have already unlocked the fast travel hub.

Proceed towards the waypoint which will lead you past Bitehome which is a town filled with Frostbiters and head to the top to find Gideon.

Remove Banishing Ward

It will appear that Gideon had already finished the bottles which means that the consequences will now be more severe but a banishing ward has been set up to keep him safe.

Search around the house for bottles that are scattered and destroy them to lift the banishing ward and force Gideon out.

There are 10 bottles in total which must be destroyed and these can easily be spotted if you move around the area.

Started from the steps heading to Gideon’s area, you will find bottles in order by the following locations going in a clockwise rotation:

  • Next to rocks near wooden stairs.
  • On top of the wooden
  • Between boulder and destroyed shack.
  • In the corner across the destroyed
  • On top of a wooden pole hanging from the left side of the back of Gideon’s home.
  • Next to a metal fence in front of Gideon’s home.
  • Corner of the wooden railing on the right side of Gideon’s home.
  • On top of a boulder at the right side of a chest.
  • Next to the leg of the pergola (open roof) next to a boulder.
  • On the roof of the pergola.

Kill Gideon

Once the banishing ward has been lifted, begin attacking Gideon and kill him to serve the punishment for his crime.

The Proprietor: Empty Bottles Mission Rewards

Once you have killed Gideon, the mission will come to an end and you will be rewarded with around 115,000 cash.


  • You can skip the fight with the Frostbiters and simply run up to Gideon’s home but it would be best to kill any of them that are following you to be able to locate the bottles in peace.
  • The bottles are quite easy to spot but a good technique would be to circle the area and look for the red highlights on them to avoid running around over and over again.
  • Gideon has armor and two health bars which make bringing corrosive and incendiary weapons an advantage.
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