Cold Case: Restless Memories (Side Mission) in BL3

Cold Case: Restless Memories mission bl3

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: Xylourgos
  • Location: Cursehaven – Lantern’s Hook
  • Level: 57

Previously you and Burton have uncovered a Mysterious Box with a symbol on it and are yet to discover its meaning and history.

Your mission is to accompany Burton as he sets out to find what the Mysterious Box beholds and any other investigation further.

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Mission Walkthrough

Unboxing The Seventh Sense

After meeting up with Burton, you both will enter a gunsmith shop where he will ask a man named Hartford to take a look at the Mysterious Box that you have found.

Place the Mysterious Box on the table in front of Hartford once Burton tells you to and wait for it to be examined.

Hartford will reveal that the box had been made by his grandfather and finds a way to open it up, revealing a pistol named the Seventh Sense.

After taking a look at the pistol, Burton will hand it over to you so that you may also get the chance to examine it.

Burton will tell you to take a look through the weapon and you are to then equip it in order to peek through the scope which will reveal a ghost inside the building.

At this moment it is revealed that given by its name, the Seventh Sense is capable of seeing ghosts and possibly other paranormal objects.

Revealing The Underworld

You and Burton will then set off to head for the Dustbound Archives where you will then need to make your way through one of the locked doors.

Burton will be able to open the door and once this happens, you will stumble upon a group of Bonded that have a sort of portal set up.

After you clear all of the Bonded in the area, a door will be covered by black fog and you will need to use the Seventh Sense to shoot moving orbs that will disperse the fog.

Once you have removed the fog, you will proceed into the next room that has an invisible barrier that forms into a maze.

Travel through the maze by using the Seventh Sense to see the walls and find the passage heading to the next area.

Finding Iris

As you proceed towards the waypoint, you will come across a little girl who appears to be trapped and is crying for help.

More of the Bonded will start to appear through portals and will attempt to kill the ghost girl which you must kill to defend her.

The girl reveals her name to be Iris and shortly after disappears as Burton arrives at the scene and asks where she had gone.

There will be a painting that is covered by the black fog again which you will need to disperse of using the Seventh Sense.

It is later revealed that Iris is actually the daughter of Burton and he will take a pause before asking you to take the Portal Device which the Bonded had left behind.

Pick up the Portal Device and bring it over to burton so that he can hold on to it for safekeeping until later on.

Burton will also ask you to hand over the pistol so that he can examine it further.

Cold Case: Restless Memories Mission Rewards

After you hand over the Portal Device and Seven Sense to Burton, the mission will be finished and you will receive around 115,000 as a reward.


  • The first encounter with Bonded guarding a portal can result in your doom if you attempt to rush into the room and it is advised that you lure them out or shoot from outside to reduce their numbers.
  • Most of the bonded will be susceptible to incendiary weapons but bringing a corrosive weapon along will also help take out those that have armor.
  • Its best to keep the Seventh Sense in one of your weapon slots to avoid having to switch back and forth since you will use it quite a few times in the mission for its special purpose.
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