BL3 Empowered Scholar (Boss): Defeating, Location, Abilities, Drops, Weak Spots

Empowered Scholar BL3 Boss

The Empowered Scholar is a boss that you encounter during the mission called The Case Of Wainwright Jakobs who you encounter as you make your way to the Founder’s Office.

Having similarities with other Bonded enemies, the Empowered Scholar differs from his comrades as he has been hand picked by Eleanor to dispose of those who stand in her way.

During The Case Of Wainwright Jakobs, you encounter the Empowered Scholar before you make your approach to the Founder’s Office which is located beyond the Dustbound Archives.

He is sent by Eleanor specifically to stop you and will go through several phases before being killed.

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Fighting & Killing Empowered Scholar

The Empowered Scholar will attack with its magma bombs and also call upon Bonded to assist it in fighting you.

You will need to focus more on the Empowered Scholar, especially if it links to an enemy, making it stronger.

As you drain the health of the Empowered Scholar, it will retreat back and try to replenish its vitals, requiring you to interfere.

The Empowered Scholar will be invulnerable and you will have to destroy the Shards that are floating and proving it with energy.

After the first time that it attempts to replenish itself, the Empowered Scholar will repeat the process twice on each pillar at the back.

You will need to climb on top of rocks and destroy the nearby shards but be careful as you can fall and die.

It is best to get on the pillar where the Empowered Scholar is regenerating because if you destroy the Shards and remain on a floating rock, you could fall.

The pillars that you stand on will fall over and safely align to the ground, giving you access to the boss area again.

During its restoration phases on the pillars, the Empowered Scholar will gain new armor types such as shield and armor which you must deplete before killing it.

Weak Spots

Being a humanoid enemy, the Empowered Scholar will receive more damage to the head and due to its large shape, this makes it easier to score critical hits against him.

Notable Abilities


The Empowered Scholar links itself to another Bonded enemy, making it stronger and causing it to take extremely reduced damage.

At this point you should just target the Empowered Scholar and ignore the linked enemy.

Revive Bonded

Enemies slain can be revived by the Empowered Scholar and will turn into a Revived Bonded enemy which will charge towards you and explode.

The best way to deal with this is to anticipate them when you see the Empowered Scholar reviving an enemy and keeping your distance while shooting at the revived enemy.

Notable Drops

The Empowered Scholar has a chance to drop common to epic loot and will even drop legendary gear that can range from weapons to mods.

Regardless of being in the Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC, the Empowered Scholar has a chance to drop more generic legendary gear as well.


  • Ignore the enemies that are linked as you will use up a lot of ammunition and can end up getting killed but instead target the Empowered Scholar.
  • Bring corrosive, shocking and incendiary weapons and use them for each health bar since the Empowered Scholar will have all armor types in its last phase.
  • The Empowered Scholar has a large head which makes dealing critical hits much easier and with its slow attack, it is a good idea to get up close and target its head.
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