Borderlands 3: The Case of Wainwright Jakobs Mission

The Case of Wainwright Jakobs bl3 mission

Upon the completion of The Shadow Over Cursehaven mission, Wainwright seems to not be himself and this causes Mancubus Bloodtooth to call for your attention to discuss a dire matter.

Your task is to figure out what is wrong with Wainwright as Mancubus Bloodtooth will claim that he brought something back with him and you are to seek help in figuring out how to take care of the issue.

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Mission Walkthrough

Once the mission has started, you will need to head over to Mancubus Bloodtooth as he has something he needs to tell you about Wainwrights condition.

After speaking to Mancubus, head over to Wainright and attempt to remove the ring but this will not work and you will need to find another way.

Speak once more with Mancubus who will tell you about a detective who might be able to help out with the situation.

After your talk with Mancubus, head over to Cursehaven to locate the detective known as Burton Briggs.

Once you are in Cursehaven, follow the waypoint that marks the location where he is known to be staying.

As you arrive to the waypoint, you will need to press the doorbell but it is later on known that he is not there.

Mancubus will contact you again and tell you to talk with the cursed people of the town to find out where he is and a waypoint will then mark the location of a certain person named Gaddy.

The first person you will come across is Gaddy, who will puke every now and then when she talks and after a brief and nasty conversation, she will advise you to talk to Hallan.

After speaking with Gaddy, a waypoint will mark Hallan’s location.

Head towards Hallan and speak to him to find out where you need to go next and wait as he may take some time to tell you due to his nature of easily being startled.

Hallan will tell you that he last saw Burton with Jeanna who will then be marked by a waypoint.

As you speak to Jeanna, it is revealed that she is a very hot headed person who appears to be annoyed the minute you speak.

She will tell you that Burton mentioned he was going to the cemetery, which is where you will go next.

A waypoint will mark your next destination which is the cemetery and you will need to fight your way passed more of the so called Bonded enemies.

Once you reach the cemetery, you will find that Burton is knocked down and will have to clear the area of insect-like creatures known as Krich.

After you clear out all the hostile enemies in the area, head over to the downed Burton and resurrect him.

Burton will then give you a brief introduction and later on hand over the key to the large gate in town which will allow you to access a new area.

Head over to the large gate and use the key that Burton has given you to unlock it so that you may proceed in heading to the Dustbound Archives.

Once you have opened the gate, make your way towards the waypoint which marks the location of the Dustbound Archives while also fighting your way past more of the Bonded that try to stop you.

After fighting your way past the Bonded, you will arrive at the Dustbound Archives and will need to enter.

A woman named Harriet will be inside and you must talk to her in order to get access inside which is eventually granted after Burton persuades her.

After Harriet grants you access, head on in to the Holography Chamber where you will need to play recorded holograms for clues.

As you reach the Holography Chamber, Eleanor will contact you to tell you she knows what you are up to and will send more Bonded to attack you.

You will need to clear out all the Bonded in the room before you can proceed.

After you have finished clearing up all the Bonded in the room, make way for the projector and interact with it.

A short holographic recording will play of the couple while they were not yet affected by the Heart of Gythian.

The recording won’t provide enough information to go on and Burton will tell you to keep searching for clues.

You will then head towards another section in search of more holotapes that you can play which have been stashed by the couple.

As you search for the first holotape, you will once again need to fight passed the bonded until you reach a strange bookshelf.

The bookshelf that is marked by the waypoint will have a skull with a glowing eye which turns out to be a button that you can press.

Pressing the button will open up a hidden room and you will then find the holotape on the ground.

Bring the holotape back to the projector and use it once more but this will still be insufficient information and Burton asks you to keep searching.

Head towards the waypoint marking the other location where a holotape will be found but some locked doors will eventually hinder you from proceeding.

Head over to the previous room you were in and you will notice a ventilation shaft nearby and a damage cover that you may destroy that will allow you to enter.

As you crawl through the ventilation, you will find a small opening which you can shoot through and the waypoint will be marking rubble and an explosive barrel.

Shoot the explosive barrel so that the rubble is cleared out and head back to the doors so you may enter the room.

Continue making your way towards the waypoint that leads you to the next holotape and fight your way past any Bonded that try to stop you.

You will enter a room where an Ascended Grawn will attack you and once you kill it, the holotape you are searching for will drop.

Pick up the dropped holotape and make your way back to the projector so you can play the it in the Holography Chamber.

The last projector will reveal that a sample of the Heart Of Gythian can be found on Eleanor and Vincent’s ship which you will later on have to go to.

After you have played the last holotape, Eleanor will send more Bonded to ambush you in the Holography Chamber which you must survive.

After surviving the attack, you will need to head to the Founder’s Office to acquire the last bit of information need as it is based on Burton’s hunch that the last clue will be there.

On your way to the Founder’s Office, there will be a boss area which you will drop down to and you will have to later on face an Empowered Scholar in order to continue.

Eleanor sends her Empowered Scholor to fight you and you must deal with it accordingly before the gates leading to the Founder’s Office will be opened.

After taking care of the Empowered Scholar, head up to the Founder’s Office and search inside for the Delta-3 Tape.

The objective will say that you need to search the room for it and to simply locate it, search the bookshelf on the right side of the room and pick it up.

Once you have obtained the Delta-3 Tape, Gaige will claim that its old tech but Mancubus will tell you to head back as he has something that can play the tape.

Fast travel back to The Lodge to save time and speak with Mancubus once you have arrived.

Mancubus will tell you to play the tape with the device he has upstairs which you will do and later on figure out the next steps you need to take.

The Curse Of Wainwright Jakobs Rewards

Once the Delta-3 Tape has been played, the mission will come to an end and you will receive around 153,334 cash.

Once the tape is finished playing, it will be known that you will have to deal with the Heart Of Gythian and soon after, the mission called The Horror In The Woods will begin.


  • The Bonded come in different forms and it is best to bring different types of weapons as some of them are fast while others may be slow.
  • Bringing weapons to handle each armor type is wise as most enemies may have shields, armor and almost all have normal flesh.
  • The Empowered Scholar may be an annoying fight and it is best if you deal with the enemies around before focusing on it alone.
  • Be sure to restock on ammo before heading to fight the Empowered Scholar as there will be multiple enemies and it will attempt to refill its health as well as add different armor types to itself.
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