Borderlands 3: The Party Out of Space Mission

The Party Out of Space Mission BL3

After a long time, Wainwright and Hammerlock have decided to get married and they have invited you to attend their wedding.

You will need to prepare to make your way to the Xylourgos which is the planet where they have decided to hold the wedding.

This mission initiates the Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC and will open up a new planet with new adventures to hold.

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Mission Walkthrough

Once you have initiated the mission, head over to navigation and set the ship on a course to head for Xylourgos.

When the ship has arrived at the planet, head over to the drop pod to descend to Skittermaw Basin where you will then continue on foot.

Once you arrive on the planet, make your way towards the waypoint as you will be searching for the location of the party.

As you proceed heading towards the waypoint, a drop pod will crash land nearby and you are to head towards it as it is later revealed that the wedding planner is in the drop pod.

A short cutscene will play and the wedding planner will be introduced as Gaige (along with her BFF named Deathtrap) who will afterwards ask for your help as she is being attacked.

Once all the enemies in the area have been dealt with, head over to Gaige and talk to her so that the three of you can head to the party together.

Follow Gaige and Deathtrap as they lead the way, fighting any enemies along until you find the party.

The three of you will come across a gondola which will take you to The Lodge and Gaige will ask you to see if you can get it started.

Head over to the switch at the side and interact with it in order to reveal that is power is out and that improvising will be required.

Gaige will ask you to follow the powerlines to see why the power isn’t working and you will need to make your way past wild creatures in the infested area.

You will reach the source of the gondola’s power and need to fight your way through more enemies and attempt to clear out the nests that have prevented the source from providing electricity.

There will be tanks that hold an acidic liquid that will dissolve the nests that you will need to shoot in order to get the power source running again.

A total of 3 targets must be shots to destroy each of the nests as there are 3 in total.

After clearing the nests, you will need to reboot the generator by pressing a button where one of the nests were dissolved.

Make your way back while also shooting the line switches in order to reroute the electricity going to the gondola.

The switches that you need to shoot will be marked by waypoints and you can easily shoot them on your way back.

Gaige will begin to fix up the gondola’s power controls and you will be able to use it afterwards.

Interact with the switch once again to open up the gondola doors so that the 3 of you may continue.

Once the doors have been opened, the three of you will then ride the gondola that will bring you up to The Lodge.

Once you have gotten off of the gondola, make your way towards the lodge and a short cutscene will play before you can enter it.

After the cutscene, head over to Mancubus Bloodtooth, who will introduce himself and welcome you to stay.

Head over to the other guests waiting in The Lodge where Hammerlock will also be waiting to conclude the mission.

The Party Out of Space Mission Rewards

After completing The Party Out Of Space¸ you will be rewarded with 122,677 cash and will be able to carry out the other main missions for the DLC as well as its side missions and much more.


  • There will be many new creatures around and some may have armor and even shields, making it ideal to bring different types of weapons to deal more damage.
  • Gaige and Deathtrap can prove well in fighting enemies and it is a good plan to stick nearby them when enemies start attacking.
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