The Great Escape Side Quest in BL3

Moxxi's Heist The Great Escape Mission

  • Mission Type: Side Mission
  • Planet: The Handsome Jackpot
  • Location: Impound Deluxe
  • Level: 50

A man named Max Sky is trying to leave the casino and has come up with a plan to finally do so but he needs your assistance.

You are going to need to head over to Max Sky and figure out what he needs you to do so that his plan on escaping from The Handsome Jackpot goes smoothly.

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Mission Walkthrough

Once you have accepted the mission, you will need to head over to Max Sky who is near Beggar’s Berth and you can easily do so by walking or fast travelling there if you have already been to that area.

Once you reach Max Sky, he will be glad that you have arrived and will ask you to head up a platform to launch him into space.

As you are about to launch his rocket, he realizes that his stereo is missing and will ask you to get it from his nemesis.

You will need to find Rudy Varlope who can be tracked by following the waypoint which points to the location he is residing in, which is Dock 31.

Once you arrive, Varlope’s gang will begin to attack you and you must clear them out in order to continue looking for the stereo.

While you are fighting Varlope’s gang, Max Sky will ask you to destroy his rocket in the process and you must do both objectives before Rudy Varlope comes out.

Once Rudy Varlope has appeared, you will need to kill him before you can search the area for the stolen stereo.

Head over to the waypoint which is marking where the stereo is located and pick it up to bring it back to Max Sky.

Once you are back with Max Sky, place the stereo near the launch button and he will ask you to begin the countdown.

Activate the countdown and once it has finished, press the launch button to launch Max Sky so he can escape the casino.

Max Sky will finally be launched and will claim that he is now free, completing the mission.

The Great Escape Mission Rewards

Once Max Sky has been launched and has escaped the casino, you will be rewarded with 69,360 cash and will also receive the “La Varlope” rare assault rifle.


  • Having incendiary and corrosive weapons will be a big help since the enemies as only some of them are armored and the incendiary damage will deal more against their flesh.
  • You can lure all the enemies in one area as they will spawn all around you and instead wait for them to go to you before killing them.
  • Avoid staying in the center of the area as you can easily be overwhelmed when La Varlope’s gang spawn.
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