Borderlands 3: The Plan Mission

Borderlands 3 The Plan Mission

The crew has been gathered and the plan in now ready to be made as you along with those that have been recruited now begin the final steps towards Moxxi’s Heist.

Your mission will be to go over the plan with the crew and carry out the steps needed in order to make the heist successful.

Mission Walkthrough

First thing you need to do after saving Trashlantis and fully assembling a crew is to head back to Casa de Timothy so you can all talk about the plans.

Step one is initially forming the crew, so Timothy already crosses that out and moves towards the next part.

Getting a Blueprint

In order to take out the defense systems you will a blueprint of the facility which a friend of The Mayor may have and you are then set out to obtain it.

You will be instantly moved to a different area called Tricksy Nick’s Slick Ditch where Tricksy Nick will be waiting has he has agreed to hand over the blueprints.

Regardless of his deal with The Mayor, Tricksy Nick will betray you and begin to attack you from where he stands.

Simply kill Tricksy Nick and he will drop the blueprint needed for the mission and as soon as you pick it up you will be moved to the next part of the plan.

Obtaining Compound 24

Ember will require you to obtain an item called Compound 24 which she will need in order to help you breach a security door that will lock once you take down defenses.

A brief explanation will be given on why Compound 24 is required and soon after, the mission will continue with you being teleported at another location once more.

You will find yourself in an area called the J-Spot where the Compound 24 is hidden nearby behind a puzzle area.

Fight your way to the waypoint and you will see a barrier blocking your passage to the Compound 24 but there will be 3 switches nearby for you to activate in order to take it down.

The switches will need to be activated in a specific order which is going from the first one on the left, the middle one in front of the barrier and the third one on the right side when facing the barrier.

Once the short puzzle is finished, the barrier will open up and the Component 24 will be sitting behind glass which you can simply break.

Break the glass and pick up the Compound 24 and you will shortly be brought on to the next part of the mission.

Getting a Suit For Tim

Now that you have most of what is needed to carry out the plan, in order for Timothy to do his part, you will need to get him a suit so he can pass security checks to make the plan work.

The Mayor will tell you where you may obtain clothes similar to Handsome Jack since he had a shop where he would tailor such suits.

You will be sent into an area where Handsome Jacket and Handsome Slacks, two looters who have raided the shop will be.

Kill both of them in order to make them drop either the jacket or the slacks since they each have a part which you will need both in order to make up the suit.

After killing each one of them, pick up whichever part they have dropped and once you have collected both, you will appear back at the hideout.

Once all of the steps have been done when preparing for the heist, you will be brought back to the hideout and the mission will come to an end.

The Plan Mission Rewards

Once you have completed The Plan mission, you will be rewarded with around 69,360 cash and a rare pistol.


  • Not all enemies need to be killed in the mission which means you can finish it fast by focusing on the objectives.
  • You will be moved around several times so be sure to grab any good loot that has dropped before you finish the objectives.
  • Fast traveling will not be required as you will instantly be brought to the missions areas while during this mission.
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