Borderlands 3: Winners and Losers Mission

Borderlands 3 Moxxi's Heist Winners & Losers

The Winners and Losers mission is the third mission done for Moxxi’s Heist which comes after you have just met Ember, who has joined the crew that will be helping pull off the heist.

Before Ember can help you out with the heist, she will need her tools which are on her ship which has been impounded, resulting in the need for you to obtain them.

Mission Walkthrough


You will start off by checking where the ship has been taken by accessing an information kiosk located nearby.


The kiosk will create a ticket which you need to take in order to recover the impounded ship at the impound lot.


May your way towards the waypoint on your map which will bring you to a hyperway that will transport you near the impound lot.


Continue following the waypoint until you meet the Bureaucracy Bot who along with other bots will waste your time making you fill up forms and going back and forth.

You may either follow the procedures they give you or kill the bots and make your way towards the waypoint.


When near the impound lot, you will come across a waiting area where you are told to wait for your number to be called.

As it is obviously going to take forever, Moxxi tells you to just grab a ticket off of one of the dead bodies nearby.


As you attempt to take the 1345 ticket, the customer will get up and begin to attack you which requires you to kill them in order to make the ticket drop.


Grab the ticket after killing the customer and clear the room of all enemies in order to proceed with the mission.


Use the ticket to head into the impound lot where a bot will be waiting to charge you for the recovery of the ship.


The cost for the ship will be 500,000,000,000 which most likely no one can afford so instead; you may run past the robot and look for the ship on your own.


Follow the waypoint which will take you through the impound lot until you make your way to where the ship is being held.


Once you reach the ship, there will be enemies that need to be cleared and later on a cutscene introducing Freddie, a mechanic.


Freddie will introduce himself and later on join the crew that you are putting together to take over the casino.


Before Freddie agrees to help out and join the crew, he will ask you to head towards a group of bandits that have kidnapped one of his robotic companions.


Follow the waypoint and clear out any enemies before you can talk with the robot and eventually bring them back to Freddie.


The robot will take a shortcut going back to Freddie and you can follow soon after a path is made by Freddie.


Once you head back to Freddie, talk to him and his robot friend will open up the storage that holds Ember’s tools and take them.

Winners and Losers Mission Rewards


Completing the Winners and Losers mission will reward you with around 69,360 cash as well as a rare grenade mod.



  • The mission has parts where combat can be avoided but cost more in terms of paying cash to robots.
  • Enemies will consist of both robots and humans which makes corrosive and incendiary weapons very practical.
  • After rescuing Freddie’s robot friend, you can follow the robot back after waiting for Freddie to make a path to avoid running all the way around.
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