Borderlands 3: One Man’s Treasure Mission

Moxxi's Heist One Man's Treasure

Continuing the plan of recruiting members for Moxxi’s Heist, you will need to get the final member that Timothy tells you to recruit.

Your task will be to head to a place called Trashlantis where you fill find The Mayor who used to work on Handsome Jack’s clothes as he will play an important part in the heist.

Mission Walkthrough


Timothy will be talking to Moxxi via hologram and will then tell you about the need for a tailor to make clothes as he once did for Handsome Jack.


Head over to the waypoint which will point you in the direction of a hyperway which you will need to take to reach the Market District.


Before proceeding to the hyperway, you will need to clear an area with several enemies before you can reach the Market District.


Once you have cleared the robots in the area proceed towards the waypoint and use the hyperway to enter the Market District.


In order to reach Trashlantis, you need to take the trash chute heading down which is marked by a waypoint.

Proceed to the location of the trash chute that is marked by the waypoint and it will be revealed that it has been sealed, requiring a change of plans.


Ember will suggest that you start a fire so that the robots will respond and open up an entrance for you to proceed.


Once the plan to start a fire has been confirmed, you will need to collect 15 trash bags that are lying around the area or that drop from robots that are cleaning nearby.


After you collect 15 trash bags, head over to the waypoint and pile them up and wait for Ember to appear.


Ember will appear and hand over a trash bomb which are explosives that will set the pile of trash bags on fire.


Place the trash bomb and shoot it to start the fire which will cause the robots to open up the path to Trashlantis.


Proceed to the newly opened entrance and make your way into The Compactor which is where Trashlantis is located.


Keep following the waypoint as it will point you towards the entrance of Trashlantis where The Mayor will get in touch with you.


The Mayor will put you through a little test by asking you to place “the key to happiness in a spot in front of the entrance”.

Simply stand there and do nothing which will prompt him to have the entrance to Trashlantis opened up.


In order for The Mayor to join the crew, he will need you to first help him save Trashlantis which sends you off collecting parts for later on.


You will first collect power cells from robots that are roaming just outside of Trashlantis as well as an AI chip later on.


The power cells will drop robots which you will find outside and you will need to collect 5 in total to proceed.


The AI chip can be found in a nearby scrap area where a bunch of scraptraps are located and will swarm you.


Clear out the Scraptraps in the area to cause a boss to appear called Scraptrap Prime who will drop the AI chip once defeated.


Fight and defeat Scraptrap Prime as well as its other scraptraps which will attack you in order to obtain the AI chip.


Once Scraptrap Prime has been defeated, pick up the AI chip and head towards the waypoint where another location has been added as you need to acquire another part.


The waypoint will bring you to the Trash-Co LLC which is a place where a bandit named Tony Bordel is in charge.


As you enter the area the clapstructor eye that you need will be on a throne which you can easily take without fighting the enemies.

Take the clapstructor eye and make your way back to Trashlantis so that you can talk to Freddie who will help you assemble a clapstructor.


Once you get back to Trashlantis, Freddie will help you put together a clapstructor which will then need to escort.

Give Freddie the power cells so he can put them together and he will tell you to start placing parts into the clapstructor.


In any order, begin putting the other parts in the clapstructor and head back to Freddie to obtain the combined power cores from him.


Take the power cores which have been crafted into an improvised power source and install it into the clapstructor.


You will first need to open up the door before you escort the clapstructor to its destination so it can help carry out the mission.


There will be a device at the side which will open up a large gate that the clapstructor can fit through.


Proceed with following the clapstructor until it reaches the waypoint and get ready to defend it.


As the clapstructor begins to reinforce a beam which will keep Trashlantis safe, you will need to defend it from enemies that will begin to attack both you and the clapstructor.


Once you have successfully defended the clapstructor, it will mention that more action is needed and it will give itself up to reinforce what it was working on.


Head back to Trashlantis and find The Mayor who will then thank you and agree to join the crew that you are putting together.

One Man’s Treasure Mission Rewards


After you have completed the One Man’s Treasure mission, you will be rewarded with around 69,360 cash as well as with a rare assault rifle.



  • Several enemies will be armored and there will be a bunch of robots that you will go up against and taking a weapon that can deal corrosive damage is advised.
  • This is one of the longer missions so be sure to equip the proper gear and stock up on ammo as you will be heading from one place to another.
  • Scraptrap Prime and its little buddies move a bit slower than your character and may easily be defeated as long as you keep moving and avoid getting cornered.
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