Borderlands 3 Fabricator (Boss): Defeating, Location, Attacks, Drops, Weak Spots

Borderlands 3 Fabricator boss

Fabricator is a large robot boss that you encounter during the Jack’s Wild mission and prevents you from further finishing the mission until it has been destroyed.

It has a large arsenal of weapons and is backed up by several other robots which requires you to be both precise and fast in order to avoid death and deal some damage.

As you enter a large are which is named “Prototype Testing Arena and Cheater Disposal”, Fabricator will fall down to your location before initiating combat with you.

Its does possess a lot of weaponry but with the right weapons and good skills, it can be outsmarted and easily destroyed.

Fighting & Killing Fabricator

Fabricator will stay in one area which makes it easier for you to find cover and move around but also beware that it will have robots helping it out and can even spawn some in.

Its best to keep your distance from Fabricator as it is immobile but due take caution that it is capable of a slam attack if you get too close as well as its projectiles have a better chance to hit you if you are close to it.

Keeping your distance from Fabricator as well as aiming for its weak spots is the best and fastest way to beat it, especially when you have the right elements with you.

Weak Spots

You will notice glowing parts that seem to be an optical or laser part of its body which apparently is its weak spot and since they are all around it, this allows you to take shots at it.

Hitting the glowing red weak points will cause it to take additional damage as it deals critical damage to the robot.

Notable Attacks

Giant Shock Ball

A large shock ball is charged up and tossed at your location and may home in on you when unnoticed as it is in flight.

You may easily notice this being charged up and regardless if it has been released or if it is still charging, you make shoot the shock ball to get rid of it.

Rocket Barrage

The Fabricator locks on to your position for a moment then fires rockets into the sky which will then rain down on the position where you were standing when it was locking on to you.

To avoid getting blown up, the moment you see The Fabricator open up and fire a rocket, relocate from your position as you can from where the targets are to avoid initial or splash damage.

Scattered Shots

After starting to spin up, The Fabricator will start firing laser shots in all directions like crazy which have a chance to either hit you or go past you.

In order to evade the scattered shots fired during this attack, keep on the move while its firing or hide behind cover.

Notable Drops

When destroyed, Fabricator will drop a ton of cash and items but there is also a stronger weapon that be obtained.

The Ion Cannon is probably one of the strongest legendary weapons in the game due to its damage always exceeding 15,000 damage at around level 50.


  • Using corrosive weapons may easily help you deal with the robots in the level as well as shock weapons to take down shields quicker.
  • It’s a good idea to avoid rushing blindly past most robots as they can deal a lot of damage if you do not take them out.
  • The fact that Fabrication is immobile makes it very easy to dodge its attacks but making use of the cover is also good so you may shoot other enemies nearby.
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