Borderlands 3 Freddie The Traitor (Boss): Defeating, Location, Attacks, Drops, Weak Spots

Borderlands 3 Freddie The Traitor

Freddie The Traitor is a boss that you encounter during the All Bets Off mission and is encountered by when proceeding to the final boss fight during Moxxi’s Heist.

He was supposed to be with your crew but later on had chosen to side against you as he was tempted by a deal given by Pretty Boy.

During the All Bets Off mission, you are put against Freddie The Traitor who also has a bunch of robots that back him up as you make your way towards Pretty Boy and he serves merely as an intervention more than a boss.

Fighting & Killing Freddie The Traitor

The only thing aggressive and dangerous in this boss fight is anything but Freddie The Traitor as he mainly just sits back and expects his robots to do all the work.

Keep a lookout for Petunia and Dandelion (the two robots that were holding him during his introduction) as they are stronger than the other robots and actually can kill you.

You can start out taking out the robots and ignoring him first or the other way around as either way you will have to finish off whatever is left and since the robots actually come towards you, this makes them easier to kill as Freddie The Traitor will keep running away.

Chasing after Freddie The Traitor while the other robots are around can and probably might get you killed as he is more of a distraction in the boss fight.

Weak Spots

Freddie The Traitor is a humanoid enemy and will take extra damage when you hit him in the head with your bullets.

Notable Attacks

Freddie will pretty much do nothing but shoot at you from afar, call in more robots or hit you with a melee attack if you get close.

Notable Drops

Freddie The Traitor will drop the usual uncommon to even epic of gear like most enemies in the mission but with a good chance to drop a legendary weapon.

The AutoAime legendary sniper rifle may drop from Freddie The Traitor when he his killed during the boss fight.


  • Robots will pose the largest threat during this mission so bringing a corrosive weapon may be a big help.
  • Most robots have bad movement and can easily be outsmarted, allowing you to focus on other tasks or targets.
  • Taking down Petunia And Dandelion first is usually a good idea for most because Freddie The Traitor will usually run away which may make chasing him fatal due to the fact that robots can attack you while you are distracted.
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