Borderlands 3: The Call of Gythian

The Call of Gythian BL3 Mission

While you were out with Deathtrap acquiring a sample of Gythian’s heart, Wainwright was able to escape and made his way to Eleanor as he could no longer fight being possessed while Hammerlock shortly was captured as well.

Your mission is to head into the belly of the beast and take out the couple and whatever plot they have before the happy couple are done for.

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Mission Walkthrough

After being able to obtain the sample of the heart and making it back to The Lodge, you along with Gaige and Deathtrap will now plan to make your way to where the heart is located.

Earlier before everything started, Claptrap was given a fake quest but turns out to actually have found The Pearl Of Effable Knowledge and hands it over to you.

After speaking with Claptrap, you along with Gaige and Deathtrap will now make your way towards the venue where the couple are being held.

Fight your way through the Bonded that are sent after you and clear each area before you may proceed to the venue.

As you reach the destination, there will be a large barrier blocking the way which Deathtrap will soon take care of after you interact with him.

You will have to guard Deathtrap while he begins to weaken the barrier and must kill all enemies that appear.

Once the barrier is down, Gaige and Deathtrap will stay behind as Deathtrap’s battery is running low which leads you to entering Heart’s Desire by yourself.

Follow the waypoint and make your way through the multiple Bonded enemies that are sent after you.

You will eventually come across a trophy and it will be realized that one of its “Antlers” are missing which you must then look for.

There will be boxes in the room and you will need to search each one until the antler is found.

Once you have searched the boxes, the antler will drop and you will then need to bring it back to the trophy.

After placing the antler on the trophy, the trophy reveals itself to be a creature and it breaks through the wall, attempting to kill you.

Kill the creature and head your way towards Vincent’s office to find a way down.

Mancubus Bloodtooth will give you a hint about secret switches which reveals one is nearby and this can be found in the lower right part of his table.

The floor will begin to descend and you must continue making your way going deeper into the strange infested area.

You will come across Xam and Tom and will need to kill them to proceed with the mission.

Once you have dealt with Xam and Tom, head over to a fleshy gate that is marked by the waypoint and pay attention to the symbols.

Each corner must be the same as the sample in front of you and even Mancubus Bloodtooth will give you clues if you are too slow.

Once the flesh gate has been opened, make your way through the tunnels and fight through the several enemies inside.

You will eventually come across the entrance to the boss fight area and will need to jump down so that you can face Vincent and Eleanor.

You will first need to fight Eleanor and reduce her health before Vincent will join the fight, attacking you from within Gythian’s heart.

Once Vincent has been damaged enough, you will be able to attack any one of the two as you see fit in order to deplete the combined health that they have.

Depleting the shared health bar of Vincent and Eleanor will result in their death and shortly after cause a cutscene to be played.

At the end of the fight, Wainwright and Hammerlock come out ok and ask you to officiate their wedding.

Have each of them say their vows and allow the wedding to complete in order to finish the mission.

The Call Of Gythian Rewards

After the couple have married, credits for the DLC will begin and afterwards, you will gain an achievement for completion and will have concluded the main story of Guns, Love and Tentacles.


  • Most of the mission is about getting to the heart itself and you may find yourself running past most enemies when heading for the boss.
  • It would be good to bring powerful weapons that can deal accurate and powerful hits or weapons that you can properly aim when in full auto as the final boss requires someone of a good skill with aiming to finish quickly.
  • Focusing on one target during the final boss fight is much easier than trying to damage both of them during the last phase.
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