Why GTA 6 Won’t Be Coming Anytime Soon


There have been rumors going around where people have been saying that Grand Theft Auto 6 is in production or that GTA 6 is coming out next year and a lot of us are also wondering if this is true.

Apparently several bloggers and streamers have confirmed that they have gotten their information from people that work with Rockstar Games but the truth is many of the things they say come from other posts.

We do not exactly have any news whether Grand Theft Auto 6 is actually in production and take note that they had just released Red Dead Redemption 2.

Its unsure whether there will even be a GTA 6 at this moment and we have no actual confirmation that there are plans or that there will be any regardless of any leaks or info people are spreading.

In the case that there we question if there will be a GTA 6 we can definitely say that it will either take some time or might not be planned at all and here are the reasons why.

People Still Playing


A lot of people are still playing Grand Theft Auto 5 and several people have been buying the game whether it is on sale or not.

The moment you go online you will always see places full of people and you will notice that there are both new and old characters or players in sessions.

This shows that either people are making new characters or people are starting Grand Theft Auto 5 for the first time which would be a bummer if a new one came out and they would miss everything.

You may notice when you play online that a lot of people may be doing missions, races, heists and more and you can always play with other people when you go online.

Player Progression


Grand Theft Auto Online which is probably the main reason people like GTA 5, is one of the most popular games right now.

In steam alone its always in the top 10 games being played and don’t forget that there are also versions of the game that are not opened via steam.

Players can progress so much in GTA Online where they can earn money, buy property, fight other players, do missions and even one of my very own favorites, collect cool cars and store them.

A lot can be done and you will always find yourself with something to do in GTA Online so people continuously play the game working on such things, especially since there are clubs.

What Will Happen To Our Stuff?


You may have created an awesome club, bought almost every building you could, reached high levels, collected your favorite vehicles or more.

The thing is that all the work we put into GTA Online might feel like a waste if we move to a new game unless there will be an option to transfer.

This may be harder on the side for Rockstar Games because that would mean they would have to include all the old vehicles, items, and other things that could be transferred.

When it comes to everything that we own and have played for in Grand Theft Auto Online, we may feel bummed out if it all goes bye-bye when a new GTA comes out.

DLC Still Being Released


Every year we are getting either one or more downloadable contents or updates that make the game much more interesting and more fun to play.

This creates more excitement for players and gives them even more things to do as every time they add new content; it comes along with plenty of other goodies.

The latest one being the Diamond Casino & Resort has still gotten players enjoying the new features as well as the old ones.

Upgrading Graphics


Rockstar Games may have to understand that GTA 5 alone is already heavy for some people when it comes to graphics regardless of the amount of players who have high end computers.

Not everyone can afford to upgrade all the time and if they just upgraded to handle GTA Online and all of a sudden a newer game comes out, they can get pretty bummed out.

Consoles that may have been suitable for Grand Theft Auto 5 may not be able to handle newer graphics which will probably urge them to buy new consoles or go with getting a computer instead.

A lot of adjustments are to be made if they intend on creating higher quality graphics and not everyone will be able to adjust immediately.

Avoiding Repetition


Grand Theft Auto 5 took some time to make since they came up with new stories for not just one but multiple characters.

If they go creating another game for the franchise they will either have to take time to set the game up with a good story or just limit it to more online play.

Who knows if they will make a new set of characters or if you actually use your own character in the story this time, which would be pretty cool.

They will need to come up with missions that are not repetitive or else it will just feel like we are playing GTA Online with a mod for better graphics.



It may sound like were demanding or as if we don’t want to let go of Grand Theft Auto Online but the truth is it’s better to understand if the rumors are actually true.

At this current time, we have had no updates and no official news regarding the idea of Grand Theft Auto 6 being made or being planned.

Hopefully the next time we see information about Grand Theft Auto 6 we will actually get something realistic instead of more guesses, rumors and piles of clickbait.

Of course I would love to play a new game but hopefully if it comes to that, we may at least keep some things but either way its fine with me, although I can’t say the same for everyone else.

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1 thought on “Why GTA 6 Won’t Be Coming Anytime Soon”

  1. Gta games are pure gold mines…

    A future gta6 game will easily sell 20-30 million copies, in just a couple of months. .

    No way people would be able to transfer all the crap they bought for gta5, to gta6: rockstar want people to re-buy everything AGAIN… they just need to make gta6 in a different country, like UK, to be able to justify ‘ohhh, different cities. .different everything. .it wouldn’t make any sense, to re-use an office or apartment from st andreas, to london’…

    Because the ps5 will be retrocompatible with the ps4, and the ps4 having sold over 100 million units, it would make perfect sense, to release a gta6 on ps4, at least 15-20 millions out of 100 would grab it on ps4, and the ps5 owners, they would get the ps5 version, much more beautiful.
    Devs can extract much more power from the ps4, today, then when they did the gta5 remaster. That difference in power would allow gta6 to run on ps4, with a quality close to Spiderman or rdr2. When i watch rdr2 running on my ps4 pro, with trillions of this going on at the same time, it is clear 5-7 years of dev, with thousands of employees, really help making a game engine capable of some miracles. ..

    No way rockstar/take2 would say no to a gta6 game !
    Also, gta online sales will eventually decline. ..

    The guys who leaked the ps5 specs (almost everything was 100% accurate), also said Sony would try to secure 1 month exclusivity, for a gta6 release, on ps5. Such deal would cost sony 20, 30 millions. ..our even more…but a gta6 exclusive during Christmas 2020, on ps5, would mean several xbox ‘conversions’… who would have to get a ps5, in order to play their favorite series. ..

    So, guys… it’s not a question of IF, but rather WHEN…


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