Maelstrom Has Become Free To Play


If you’re a person who loves games that involve battling on the sea against enemies with a twist of unique and mystical gameplay, you’re in luck as Maelstrom has become free to play.

The game was initially released back in 2018 and had to be purchased in order to play but recently this September 21 2019, the game has become free for everyone to play on steam.

In steam the game has maintained an average of 800 to 1000 active players daily every since the game has been made free to play which may be due to the game being newly released as a free to play game or perhaps there are those who are actually enjoying it.



Maelstrom is basically a naval battle royale with elements from fantasy that most of us may have been looking to get into for some time.

You can play as a team or do a free for all match which usually last about 5 to 20 minutes depending on who you are matched with and the skill.

Its pretty easy to play and very fun, especially with the ships that you may choose form and the certain upgrades and different kinds of things you may equip.

There have been claims of the game being pay to win though which may be a bit of a downside just thinking of it but nevertheless it is a fun game to play and eventually it seems you can get stronger in time.

Playing The Game


Its pretty easy to get used to since basically you go around in your ship either with your team or solo depending on what game mode you have chosen.

The maps look great and the combat is simple but fun as you fire cannons and do other attacks to sink your enemy ships while also picking up powerups.

Like most battle royales, the map has a way of eliminating players that are far out of the map and forces players to later on get near each other to engage in naval combat.

So far it seems that both skill and a strong ship with good equipped items will win which probably is why some say it’s more of a pay to win game.

Eventually you can earn enough to get your own upgrade but there’s no doubt that those who invest money in the game do gain an advantage.



It may not be one of the most popular games out there right now but Maelstrom sure does have its moments and a unique twist with its gameplay.

The graphics are very nice as well and the varieties of ships and upgrades you can add to them do make things more rewarding later on when you face tougher enemies.

So far as we have tried the game, the controls seemed pretty easy to get used to and the way the game works is pretty fun but there is also the problem which is probably the lack of players and the matchmaking.

With its good start we can probably see more people playing once the game gets more optimized or if something is done about the matchmaking but overall the game is pretty much unique and its own way and great way to kill time.

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