Nightwave Series 2: The Emissary (A Chance to Earn More Rewards in Warframe)

Nightwave The Emissary

Following after the Nightwave intermission, Nightwave: The Emissary has emerged bringing us a new story and a lore.

Similar to the previous intermission, all credits have been erased and all progress has ended while a new part begins.

Nora broadcasts about the Arlo who has been found as a survivor, capable of healing others and has mysteriously survived regardless of the fact he was first alone and surrounded by infestation.

Slowly you will learn about Arlo and his story as you progress and learn about the lore of this new child who was presumed dead but somehow had survived.

Nightwave Ranking


All previous Nightwave credits have been removed and a new type of credit is now available to be earned which is now known as Emissary Credits.

These are the new credit points for the current Nightwave act and will be earned as you progress.

Just like the previous Nightwave acts, there will be offerings which you may purchase with the Emissary Credits that you earn which are very rewarding later on.

The Nightwave rewards have also changed, being more towards an infested type of reward pool these new and unique prizes are definitely something you want to look out for.

Nightwave Rewards

The following are the rewards for Nightwave Emissary





10,000Emissary Credits x150Used for purchasing Nightwave offerings



Cosmetic item placed on Warframes

330,0002x Robotic Slots

Adds two slots for your robotic companions


40,000Nora StencilDesign for your room inside the orbiter


50,000Keratose Sugatra

Cosmetic Item for the hilt of your melee weapon

660,000Emissary Credits x50

Used for purchasing Nightwave offerings


70,000Mod: Efficient BeamsRare Mod for Convectrix
880,000Forma Bundle x3

Used in adding polarities to equipment


90,000Emissary EmblemCosmetic badge that can be equipped
10100,000Arlo Statue

Decorative statue that can be placed in orbiter


110,000Orokin ReactorDoubles the mod capacity of Warframes
12120,000Emissary Credits x150

Used for purchasing Nightwave offerings


130,000Kuva x20,000Resource used to roll Riven stats
14140,000Warframe Slot

Adds another slot for an additional Warframe


150,000Devotee Noggle BundleDecorative statues of Arlo’s followers
16160,000Emissary Credits x50

Used for purchasing Nightwave offerings


170,000Exilus AdaptorUnlocks a Warframe’s Exilus slot for mods
18180,000“Ancient” K-Drive Art

Cosmetic item for K-Drive


190,000Spore EphemeraCosmetic item for visual effects on Warframes
20200,000Mod: Exposing Harpoon

Rare Mod for Harpak


210,000Emissary Credit x50Used for purchasing Nightwave offerings
22220,000Two-Handed Nikana Maligna Skin

Infested skin usable by the Tatsu


230,000Mod: Meticulous AimRare Mod for Vulkar
24240,000Emissary Credit x50

Used for purchasing Nightwave offerings


250,000Forma Bundle x3Used in adding polarities to equipment
26260,000Umbra Forma

Used to add Umbra polarity


270,000Arcane GraceArcane that can be equipped by Warframes
28280,000Protosomid Shoulder Guard

Cosmetic item for Warframes


290,000Chitoid Sentinel BundleCosmetic bundle for sentinels
30300,000Emissary Operator Collection

Special cosmetic set for operators

How To Get Standing Nightwave Emissary?


Just like the previous Nigthwave acts, you are tasked to complete daily and weekly missions which are assigned by Nora.

These can differ from simple action on the orbiter or tough challenges to be done during missions.


Once a task has been completed you will receive a notification showing the task that is completed as well as the amount of standing you have gained.

Purchasing Offerings


Similar to the previous acts, you will be able to purchase offering using the current Nightwave credits which in this act are the Emissary Credits.

A lot of prizes are available and it would be wise to keep a look out for them and save up as much as you can before the act is over.

Take note that any previous points from the past acts will be gone and you will need to earn Emissary Creds from this Nightwave act.



This was an unexpected reveal to some and the rewards do not only look interesting but they appear to appease the much desired infested lore that some players have been searching for.

There are a lot of rewards to be acquired and in this case it is double the amount since the previous act.

It is best to grab what you can while there is time as many of the rewards will be useful as well and not only for plain cosmetics but to improve your equipment.

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