Warframe Phorid Guide 2024 (Defeating, Location, Drops & Weakness)

Phorid is a unique infested boss that only appears during an Assassination Invasion known as a Phorid Manifestation that appears from time to time under the invasions.

This boss resembles an infested charger but is more intelligent and deadly, capable of withstanding a lot of damage and even kills you with a single hit.

Phorid shows its intentions of assimilating with your Warframe which most of the infested due to their victims as shown by their appearances.

Phorid boss Warframe

Phorid LocationPhorid manifests on a random assassination mission

Phorid has no specific planet or mission and instead, it manifests on a random assassination mission where the target is replaced with this boss.

Checking the invasions section on the star chart can help you check if there is a Phorid manifestation so you can hunt him down.

How To Defeat Phorid?Fighting with Phorid

After being deployed, make your way toward the marked location by fighting your way through enemies or rushing to the location instead.

Phorid will be in a large open area where it will be accompanied by multiple enemies that will fight alongside the boss.

This boss moves just like an infested charger and fights like one except it has additional attacks that it can use against you.

Moving around while firing at him works but melee attacks may also work, provided you can withstand other damage as you will be engaging at close range.

Watch out for when it attempts to charge at you as this can knock you down but one of the more powerful attacks is its Psychic Bolts. (Nyx Ability)

Try not to linger for too long as the Toxin Clouds that are created can easily drain your health and Phorid has a knack for killing you in an instant if you don’t avoid its attacks.

Phorid WeaknessesWeaknesses of Phorid

Phorid bears the same weaknesses as most infested enemies but has higher stats, which makes it a little more difficult to take out.

The following are Phorid’s stats and weaknesses:

Ferrite Armor (25)

  • Corrosive+++
  • Puncture++

Fossilized (5000)

  • Corrosive+++
  • Blast++
  • Slash+

Phorid Drops

Defeating Phorid has a chance to provide you with rewards from its drop table as well as a Nyx (Warframe) Component Blueprint.

Phorid may drop the following items when defeated:

  • Blood For Ammo
  • Cryo Rounds
  • Killing Blow
  • Molten Impact
  • Phorid Sigil
  • Stretch
  • Orokin Cell

Phorid has the chance to reward the following Nyx (Warframe) Components:

  • Nyx Neuroptics: 38.72%
  • Nyx Chassis: 38.72%
  • Nyx Systems: 22.56%


  • When facing Phorid at an earlier stage, consider playing with a squad as you might have a hard time fighting it.
  • The use of Corrosive Damage with your weapons will increase the damage you do to Phorid, allowing you to kill it faster.
  • If you are at a certain distance from Phorid, it would be best to often take cover to avoid getting hit by its Psychic Bolts.


Phorid may appear to be a more intelligent type of infested enemy, but it still retains its recklessness, making it easy to take advantage during the fight.

Even if you have already done 3 Phorid Manifestation Invasions, you can continue to challenge Phorid if you intend to grind for certain items.

This is one of the easier bosses to kill but for some reason, it can often kill even the more experienced players in a short amount of time if they get careless.

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