Guide on Defeating Phorid in 2023

Warframe Phorid boss

(Phorid encountered during the mission)

Phorid is a unique infested boss which only appears during an assassination invasion where he has manifested.

This boss seems similar to an infested charger but is obviously more intelligent and deadly, capable of withstanding a lot of damage and even killing the players with a single hit.

As seen by its taunts, Phorid is more intelligent and intends on assimilating with the Warframe which most of the infested do except in this case Phorid actually communicates straight with the Tenno.



Phorid has no specific planet or mission, it manifests on a random assassination mission where it replaces the mission target with itself.

Checking the invasions section on the star chart can help you check if there is a Phorid manifestation so you can hunt him down.

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Special Rewards

Nyx Parts


(Nyx parts acquired from mission)

Defeating Phorid on the mission where he spawns and extracting from it successfully will result in having a Nyx part as a reward.

Defeating Raptors will allow players to receive one of the following rewards:

Nyx Neuroptics: 38.72%

Nyx Chassis: 38.72%

Nyx Systems: 22.56%

How To Kill Phorid?


You first begin the mission by arriving at the Grineer facility and will have a waypoint marking the location where Phorid is staying.


Make your way towards the marked location, fighting any enemies along the way or running past them.


You will then arrive at a big area which is wide and good for keeping distance from enemies, later on you need to use this to your advantage if you are unable to handle melee fights with Phorid.


A cutscene will play when you go nearer towards the waypoint and you will encounter Phorid for the first time before the battle begins.


Once the cutscene has ended, you may engage Phorid in battle and he will constantly have infested spawn in and fight you.

He moves just like an infested charger and fights like one except he has additional attacks that he can use.

It is best that you keep distance from him as his attacks can be quite powerful and not to mention the amount of infested attack as well.

Moving around while firing at him works but melee attacks may also work, provided you can withstand other damage as you will be engaging in close range.


Be careful when fighting Phorid and try to move around and take cover when he tries to attack you from afar as this can be a sign of him using his ability that can kill you with a single hit.

The best way to avoid this from happening is to try to kill Phorid as fast as you can or to avoid getting hit by his ability.

Phorid has fossilized health and ferrite armor which are both weak against corrosive, so using corrosive modded weapons are good against it.


Keeping distance from Phorid is advised but if you intend to use melee attacks against him, the use of dodges and bullet jumps may help greatly to avoid taking damage.

Try not to do combos against him as this may allow Phorid to have an opening to attack you during your attack animations, instead do spin attacks followed by dodging and mixing up with primary or secondary weapon fire.




Phorid is an infested boss which has similarities to the infested charger with the difference of having a larger sizer and different color scheme.

With the Phorid’s large size once can come to the conclusion that this boss has assimilated with a Grineer unit, seeing the head running down its body and the armor on its upper parts of its body.

The Phorid’s movement is similar to that of the infested charger although slightly faster, regardless of its large size.

Phorid will attack you and your squad just like charger would, except for the addition of a few abilities such as its Sonic Scream which can disable you and your team while dealing damage.

One of the more annoying abilities it has is its Psychic Bolts ability which has similarity with Nyx’s ability showing the resemblance and revealing how her Warframe parts came to be acquirable from this boss.

Since Phorid’s main defenses consist of a small amount of ferrite armor, corrosive can easily reduce it allowing more damage done to its main health.

Its main health is fossilized which is weak as well against the corrosive damage type making corrosive not only weaken it but also deal extra damage against it.

Due to its weakness against corrosive elemental combinations, it is best advised to use the given element in order to quicken the pace when fighting him.



Phorid may only be encountered in Sorties and Invasions, mostly Invasions as sorties are a special case and just a rare event.

When facing Phorid at an earlier stage when you just began playing Warframe, consider playing with a squad as you might have a hard time fighting it.

The use of corrosive elemental damage with your weapons will increase the damage you do and the chance you will end the mission successfully.

Since Phorid is infested and both weak against corrosive, using a melee weapon with corrosive mods can deal an exceptional amount of damage against Phorid and easily clear out any infested that are helping it.


Defeating Phorid and successfully extracting from the mission will result in you being rewarded with a random Nyx part.

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