Guide on Defeating Raptors in 2023

The Raptors

(One of the raptors as shown when encountered in mission)

Raptors are an upgraded version of the Osprey and have more weaponry as well as armor, making it very sturdy as well as deadly, especially to newer players.

This assassination mission is not like most where you simply need to kill the enemy but you also need to accomplish a task before defeating the bosses.

These Raptors are a product line of new enemies that are being prepared by the Corpus and it is your task to cripple their production capabilities to provide further problems in the future.



The different models of Raptor bosses appear in the Naamah mission located one Europa.

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Special Rewards

Nova Parts


(Nova parts acquired from mission)

Defeating the Raptors in the Namaah mission on Europa will reward you with a random Nova part upon extraction.

Defeating Raptors will allow players to receive one of the following rewards:

Nova Neuroptics:  38.72%

Nova Chassis: 38.72%

Nova Systems: 22.56%

How To Defeat Raptors?


At the beginning of the mission you will be outside of the facility and you are tasked to assassinate the target as well as cripple the facilities production.


Make your way into the facility and fight through or run past the enemies that you will encounter and head for the area marked on your HUD.


Once you reach the area marked by the waypoint, you a cutscene will begin and you will encounter the Raptor for the first time during the mission.

During this mission different raptors may appear but they are easily destroyed if you are prepared for the fight.


After the cutscene you will begin having a distance from the Raptor and will need to make your way towards it while keeping an eye out for the other Corpus enemies attacking.

Your mission will show that you need to destroy Grav Conveyors which can be done by destroying a raptor, picking up its powercell and dropping it in a Grav Conveyor.


Fire at the Raptor be sure to be careful as Corpus units will repeatedly spawn in and attack you and at certain points this along with the Raptor’s attacks can be quite painful.


When the Raptor is destroyed, a powercell will drop and you need to head towards its as you need to pick this up to destroy the Grav Conveyors.


In case you did not notice where the powercell dropped, you will see a marker on it signifying an object that can be picked up.

Head towards the powercell and attempt to grab it but be careful as there will still be corpus enemies attacking since you don’t want to get killed while grabbing the powercell.


Get close to the powercell and interact with it to pick it up, this will force you to use your secondary weapon or melee weapon as switching weapons will cause you to drop it.

Once you have picked up the powercell a timer will be displayed which tells you how long you have before the powercell will explode.


Quickly bring the powercell on top of the conveyor and press your “switch weapon” button or key to drop the powercell inside the Grav Conveyor.


Once the timer on the powercell is up and you have dropped it into the Grav Conveyor, it will explode and destroy the it.

Failure to drop the powercell into the Grav Conveyor or taking too long will cause it to explode eventually, thus causing another Raptor to spawn which you need to kill to obtain another powercell.

This will add to your objective being completed 1/3 and you will need to repeat this process 2 more times for a total of the 3 Grav Conveyors.

After destroying a Grav Conveyor or if the timer runs out on the powercell and it explodes, another Raptor will spawn and you will need to kill it again, take its powercell and drop it into the Grav Conveyor.

If you successfully blow up all the Grav Conveyors, you the mission will be completed and you will then need to extract by either fighting your way out of the facility or simply running and dodging on your way out.

Each time you destroy a Grav Conveyer, the next model of Raptors will spawn from the remaining Grav Conveyors.


After successfully destroying all Grav Conveyors, you will need to extract from the mission and upon successful extraction, you will be rewarded with a blueprint of a Nova part.


Raptors appear to be heavily modified Osprey which have stronger attacks and can withstand greater deals of damage.

All of the Raptors have some similar attacks that they will be using against you such as laser beams and other deadly projectiles.

Although they have similar attacks, each one has its own unique attack that separates it from being the same as the other aside from their color.

The outer parts of the Raptors can sometimes be immune to damage thus it is wise to target inner parts which are vulnerable when the Raptors are not shielding itself.


The Raptor NS is the first raptor you will be going up against which has the lowest health amongst the three.

Its special ability is an attack that allows it to fire out projectiles which mark an area which will deal lethal damage after a few seconds which may instantly kill players.


The Raptor MT is the second model of Raptor units that you will be facing which has more health than its predecessor.

Its unique ability allows it to spawn Nemes RT which are drones that deal electricity damage to you.

About 5 or 6 of these drones will be active at a time and the Raptor MT will constantly replace them if it is running short on them.

Raptor RV


The Raptor RV is the strongest and sturdiest amongst the three Raptor models and can withstand more damage as well as deal deadlier attacks.

Its special attack allows it to fire a continuous laser beam at its enemies, dealing constant damage which may quickly kill unprepared players.



Since the Raptors have alloy armor and robotic health, radiation becomes a great choice as it deals additional damage against them.

Radiation may also be useful for its status effect which confuses enemies and causes them to attack their allies and vice versa.

The Raptors may deal very high damage to even more experienced players and bringing a sturdy Warframe or a Warframe that has defensive abilities that can shield or buff them to prevent damage can come in handy.

Keeping a large distance from the Raptors may greatly increase your survivability during the final fight as they usually tend to get up close to you before attacking.

Be sure to clear enemies around you during the boss fight as you may die randomly from the several enemies that are firing upon you, especially when you focus on destroying Grav Conveyers.


Once you have successfully defeated the Raptors by destroying the Grav Conveyers, you may exit the mission by heading to the extraction point and will be rewarded a random blueprint for a Nova part.

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