Warframe Raptor Guide 2024 (Weakness, Defeating, Location & Drops)

Raptors are an upgraded version of the Osprey that have improved weaponry and armor, making them sturdier and deadlier targets.

These Raptors are a product line of new enemies that are being prepared by the Corpus and it is your task to cripple their production to disable their further development.

Not only will you need to defeat the Raptors when you are sent to kill them, but you will also need to destroy their facility.

The Raptor Boss Warframe

The Raptors LocationRaptors can be found during the Naamah mission on Europa

The Raptors are located in a secret facility that is hidden beneath a crashed ship, which is where their production takes place.

This can be found in the Naamah mission on Europa, which is unlocked later once you have completed the Kokabia (Assassination Mission.)

How To Defeat The Raptors?Fighting with a Raptor boss

The mission starts with you heading deeper into the facility where there will be Grav Conveyors, which need to be destroyed.

A Raptor will come out of one of the Grav Conveyors and will begin to attack you and it will need to be destroyed.

Once a Raptor is destroyed, a Powercell will drop to the ground, and you will need to use this to destroy a Grav Converter.

Dropping Powercell in the Grav Conveyer

You will need to pick up the dropped Powercell and drop it into the Grav Conveyer and it will detonate shortly after, even if you fail to pick it up.

Upon detonation of the Powercell, another Raptor will appear, and you will need to continue the process of destroying it and destroying the other Grav Conveyors.

There are 3 Grav Conveyors in total and the Raptors will continuously spawn after the Power Cells detonate until you have destroyed all the conveyors.

The Raptor Weaknesses

Although they have similar attacks, each Raptor has a unique attack that separates it from being the same as the others aside from their color.

All of the Raptors have the following stats:

Proto Shield (600)

  • Magnetic+++
  • Toxin+
  • Impact+

Alloy Armor (25)

  • Radiation+++
  • Cold+
  • Puncture+

Robotic (2000)

  • Radiation+
  • Magnetic++
  • Puncture+

The Raptor Variations

1) Raptor NS

Raptor NS one of it's variation

The Raptor NS is the first raptor you will be going up against which has the lowest health amongst the three.

Its special ability is an attack that allows it to fire out projectiles that mark an area which will deal lethal damage after a few seconds which may instantly kill players.

2) Raptor MT

Raptor MT variation

The Raptor MT is the second model of Raptor units that you will be facing which has more health than its predecessor.

Its unique ability allows it to spawn Nemes RT which are drones that deal electricity damage to you, which it frequently replaces.

3) Raptor RV

Raptor RV variation

The Raptor RV is the strongest and sturdiest among the three Raptor models and can withstand more damage as well as deal deadlier attacks.

Its special attack allows it to fire a continuous laser beam at its enemies, dealing constant damage that may quickly kill unprepared players.

The Raptor Drops

The 3 raptors share the same reward table, with each of them having a chance to drop an item from the list when they are killed, and upon extraction, you get a Nova (Warframe) Component Blueprint.

The following items may be dropped by the Raptors:

  • Neural Sensors
  • Organ Shatter
  • Reach
  • Raptor Sigil
  • Reflex Coil
  • Stretch
  • Split Chamber

Defeating Raptors will allow players to receive one of the following Nova Component Blueprints:

  • Nova Neuroptics: 38.72%
  • Nova Chassis: 38.72%
  • Nova Systems: 22.56%


  • Since the Raptors have alloy armor and robotic health, radiation becomes a great choice as it deals additional damage against them.
  • Radiation may also be useful for its status effect which confuses enemies and causes them to attack their allies and vice versa.
  • Warframes that have defensive abilities that can shield or buff themselves to prevent damage can come in handy if things get too rough.
  • Keeping a large distance from the Raptors may greatly increase your survivability during the final fight as they usually tend to get up close to you before attacking.
  • Be sure to clear enemies around you during the boss fight as you may die randomly from the several enemies that are firing upon you, especially when you focus on destroying Grav Conveyors.


The Raptors can deal a lot of damage and the Corpus units make things even more difficult, which is why it’s best to focus on destroying the Grav Conveyors as soon as possible.

Regardless of how many Raptors you kill, you will only get one Nova Component Blueprint once you extract from the mission.

Raptors may be immune to certain effects such as being frozen and will instead be slowed and more depending on the effects applied to them.

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