Sony Grants Refunds to PS4 Buyers After Catastrophic Release of WWE 2K20


WWE titles have been loved by many fans from different platforms for years due to the fun that it has brought them over the years.

Despite many of the recent titles being successful, The release of WWE 2K20 on October 22nd was called one of the most catastrophic releases yet.

The game was full of bugs which cause annoying things to happen which shouldn’t which seemed like a problem with programming or an error with how the ingame conditions were set up.

Characters were glitching all over the place by either floating in the air, falling down for no reason, getting flipped over from a small bump and more.

The physics of the game are very broken and at this point the most fun people got was from laughing at how ridiculous everything was.

Visual bugs occurred as well while textures would be from misshapen to utterly horrendous like something out of a broken CD copy of a game.


Other platforms or sellers can easily refund the game but Sony is officially known to be granting refunds for the copy of the game.

Many people that purchased the game have successfully refunded the game by talking to customer support while others are still working on it.

One of the fastest refunds for the game happened in 30 minutes just after gameplay which pretty much shows how this game with lot of potential was released too early and at this point it seems like it wasn’t even tested.

Below you can see the tweet of a buyer who had a chat with Sony regarding his WWE 2K20 refund.


Hopefully once the game has been properly developed and tested, they will actually be able to make up for the bad release.

At this point a lot might not even bother to buy it but maybe the creators will be able to due something to fix this.

All we know from now is that the refunds keep coming and Sony along with a few others are already granting the refunds for their sales of this game title.

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  1. I attempted to get a refund about 36 hours after release but was told that refunds were only being given to people who had not yet used the game. Like they pre-ordered but never started it. I’m not sure if that’s true, but I haven’t seen many people actually getting the refund, just this same person’s Tweet being used for nearly every news article I see regarding the PSN refund. Since I used the game, even though it didn’t work properly, I was not eligible. I attempted to escalate my issue, and a supposed manager told me the same thing, then informed me that HIS manager would call me, but they never did. I have seen far more instances of people saying that Sony denied them a refund than I have Sony agreeing to a refund. Probably around 30 to 1.


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