Borderlands 3 Katagawa Jr. (Boss): Defeating, Location, Attacks, Drops, Weak Spots

Borderlands 3 Katagawa Jr. (Ninja)

Katagawa Jr is a boss that you face during the Atlas, At Last mission who has dressed up like Zer0, attempting to use the same technology with a similar suit.

He will appear in an outfit similar to that of Zer0’s but with a different color scheme and fight rather cowardly.


During the Atlas, At Last mission you will face Katagawa Jr near the end of the mission as he attempts to kill Rhys but is then stopped by Zer0 who then teleports Rhys to safety while leaving you in charge of taking care of Katagawa Jr.

Fighting & Killing Katagawa Jr


Katagawa Jr will not fight you directly and will prefer to split up into fake copies of himself to attack you from multiple areas.

In order to simply figure out which is the real one, take shots at each until you see his actual life bar on your HUD take damage and keep shooting or attacking at him if this happens.

Once his life bar is very low, he will begin to attack you repeatedly at melee range which makes it easier to kill him and finish him off.

He may be one of the most annoying bosses to fight but is pretty much easy to kill with the use of a sniper rifle or other weapon that can deal good damage from afar.


He doesn’t deal that much damage but if you are at a lower level it may be wise to take cover when firing at each of his fake copies in an attempt to search for the real one.


Deal additional damage to him by shooting the electrical generators scattered around the area, especially if he is standing in the middle of the area or on certain towers.

Weak Spots


Just like most humanoid enemies, Katagawa Jr’s weak spot is simply his head and dealing damage to him on that part can stagger him and deal a good amount of damage.

Picking shots with a strong and accurate weapon can easily drain his health and kill him pretty quick.

Notable Attacks

Smoke Grenade


Katagawa Jr will toss what appears to be a smoke grenade which covers an area with smoke like visuals as well as a blurry field.

You can simply run out of this or move away but be sure to look back as Katagawa Jr may try to attack you at melee range when he uses this attack.

Melee Teleport Attack


When Katagawa Jr’s health is low, he will attempt to repeatedly teleport and deal melee strikes to you.

Simply time your shots and wait for him to appear to end the fight quickly and kill him fast before he gets his shields up and attempts to attack from a distance again.

Notable Drops


Katagawa Jr will drop common to rare items most of the time with a higher chance to drop the “Firestorm” legendary sniper rifle more than other legendary weapons.



  • Katagawa Jr won’t be very hard to kill if you aim for the head and use a strong weapon that can hit him from a distance.
  • Bringing a shock weapon and incendiary weapon can help you take out his shields and health quite fast.
  • Bringing weapons with good range such as sniper rifles and scoped rifles can greatly speed up the fight with Katagawa Jr.
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