Atlas, At Last Mission Walkthrough in BL3

Borderlands 3 Atlas, At Last Mission

In the Atlas, At Last mission, you are supposed to meet up with Rhys so he can hand over the vault key fragment to you but things do not turn out to go as according to plan when a siege begins.

Your mission is to head over to Rhys in an attempt to acquire the vault key fragment and later on save not only him but Atlas as well from Katagawa Jr for the last time.

Mission Walkthrough

Heading To The Secret Atlas HQ


Grab a vehicle and drive from the Watershed base heading towards the waypoint marking the location of the secret Atlas HQ.


Some Maliwan troopers will be in the area but these will most likely be levels lower than you if you have done some side quests and or killed your fair share of enemies.


Make your way towards the waypoint which will eventually lead you to a closed off area but head towards the left at the end and you will find yourself at the secret entrance.


Head down the flight of stairs and you will find that the entrance is located just near the side to the right.


Enter Atlas HQ to proceed to the mission but at this point something will seem a bit off as Zer0 has not been responding.

Looking For Rhys


You will find yourself in a room with a guard as well as two vending machines and at this point it would be a good idea to resupply if you are low on ammunition or health.


The guard will let you in after a quick word from Rhys and you are then to head towards the waypoint where Rhys is waiting for you.

Repelling The Invasion


On your way to the waypoint, Atlas will suddenly get attacked by Maliwan and the defenses will not be working which allows them to penetrate the HQ.


Fight your way to through the facility and make your way towards the inner area to reboot the defense cannons to repel the attack.


On your way you will see a silhouette which appears to resemble Zer0 but if you notice the outfit seems to be a bit different.

The character will have been all over the place, killing Atlas troop who claim that it is Zer0 doing the killing and sabotaging the base.


Continue making your way inside where you will find there is a nullhound which is causing a disturbance in the room.

Destroy the nullhound so you can reactivate the defenses and proceed with the mission.


Once the nullhound has been defeated and you have reactivated the defenses, Atlas will gain an edge and be able to fight back.


Continue to make your way into the HQ where there will be more defenses that need to be activated to push back the invasion.


There will be a lot of Maliwan troops which you may either kill or avoid as you head towards the waypoint marking the location of the defense controls.


Nullhounds will be in the area and must be destroyed so you can reactivate the turrets in the area.


After taking care of the nullhounds, head over to the controls for the defense cannons and reboot them.


By the time you have rebooted the defenses, it will already be close to too late and you will need to hold back the rest of the invaders while Rhys comes up with a plan.


You can either mount one of the turret seats or head down and engage the enemies in whatever way you like as you hold off the Maliwan forces.


After killing a certain number of enemies and holding off all the enemies, Rhys will have come up with a plan and use the viper drive which has been left in the orbital laser.

Rhys will use the orbital laser and destroy the Maliwan ship out in the back of the HQ which will symbolize the victory that Atlas has gained over Maliwan.

Katagawa Jr will exclaim that its not over and that Zer0 will still be after Rhys and Rhys will tell you that Zer0 is now trying to kill him.

Saving Rhys


You will then head over to the elevator which will take you to Rhys’ office in an attempt to save Rhys from his killer.


Move towards the desk and interact with the lamp to reveal a hidden passage which will lead you to a boss fight.


Jump down the passage and once you reach the bottom a cutscene will play which reveals what was really going on.


As the figure who appears to be Zer0 is about to strike Rhys, Zer0 appears out of nowhere and blocks the attack.

Zer0 will strike the imposter and reveal that it was Katagawa Jr all along who was posing as him by knocking Katagawa Jr’s helmet off.

After Katagawa Jr is exposed, Zer0 will grab Rhys and they will teleport out of the area, leaving you to face Katagawa Jr


Once the cutscene is over, you are to fight and kill Katagawa Jr which will bring you near the end of the mission.

Getting The Vault Key Fragment


Once Katagawa Jr has been killed, the entrance behind where you first jumped down will be open and you may find Rhys and Zer0 safe and sound.

Head up to the two and Rhys will start talking with you and he will tell you that before he will give you the vault key fragment that he has a question that you.


Rhys will ask you what you honestly think about his mustache and regardless of what answer you choose; the mission will be a success.


Rhys will hand over the vault key fragment and after a few seconds, the mission will be completed and a new mission called Beneath The Meridian will become active.

Atlas, At Last Mission Rewards


Finishing the Atlas, At Last mission will reward you with around 1,647 cash as with the “Rhys’s Piece” rare trinket.



  • You won’t have to fight your way past all the enemies but instead make your way either killing the enemies or just rushing to the waypoint for certain objectives.
  • Katagawa Jr won’t be a hard enemy to kill but can still prove to be quite dangerous if you are ill equipped.
  • In the event that you are downed, you may kill one of Katagawa Jr’s fakes to revive yourself.

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