Footsteps of Giants Mission Walkthrough in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Footsteps Of Giants Mission

In the Footsteps Of Giants mission, you and Typhon DeLeon set out to find the last vault key that will be needed to power up “The Machine” and only he can help you obtain the last vault key.

You are to head over the vault in search of the key on Nekrotafeyo where Typhon DeLeon will later assist you with the said task.

Mission Walkthrough

Heading To The Vault


Grab a vehicle and make your way to the vault, which will be along the way through a Maliwan controlled area.


Follow the waypoint which will take you across multiple locations which will eventually take you to the vault.


While making your way to the vault, you will be contacted by General Traunt who is the brother of Captain Traunt who you faced on Athenas.

Clearing Out The Area


Once you reach the open Maliwan area, you will need to clear all the enemies, along with elite mechs in order to proceed with the mission.


After clearing up the enemies in the area, you will need to deactivate a barrier powered by a generator which can be seen at a distance.


In able to get a clear shot at the generator, you will need to find higher ground which can be found across the shield barrier as a stack of crates that you can climb up on.


Once you are on higher ground, you should be able to get a clear shot at the generator in order to destroy it.

The Alternate Route


Proceed towards the vault once more until the bridge that you are about to cross is blown up, resulting in you needing to take an alternate route to get to the vault.


You will need to head to Quietus Pike which is the alternate path leading to the vault which mainly has guardians or monsters from Nekrotafeyo scattered around.


Follow the path leading towards the vault entrance by taking the alternate route heading there where you will soon reach a drop where General Traunt will be waiting.

Taking Care Of General Traunt


Jump down into the boss fight area where you will need to fight and defeat General Traunt in order to continue with the mission.


The moment jump down, General Traunt will be waiting for you and will begin to attack you so be prepared for a fight.


Deal with General Traunt who will be similar to Captain Traunt from Athenas with the exception of having different attacks.

Once you are done and have killed General Traunt, proceed and make your way to the vault inside the temple.

Continuing To The Vault


As you proceed towards the temple which will eventually lead you to the Tazendeer Ruins, you will come across several guardians which you may either fight or run pasts.


Upon reaching the Tazendeer Ruins zone, enter the area and continue making your ways towards the waypoint.


Continue making your way towards the temple where Maliwan forces will have already set up an area which you will reach after fighting through multiple enemies.

The Eridian Elevator


Head further inside the temple so Typhon DeLeon will contact you and give you instructions on how to proceed which requires you to power up and use an elevator of Eridian design.


You will find the power sources removed from the elevator, requiring you to obtain them which are Eridian crystals.

One of the Eridian crystals will be installed on one of the Maliwan power generators which you may simply take.


Head over to the Maliwan power generator and grab the crystal so you can use it to power up the elevator.


Place the Eridian crystal on the statue to provide power to the elevator that you will use later on but the power still lacks as there is one crystal that is still missing.


Suddenly a Lieutenant Preston will arrive after claiming to have acquired another Eridian crystal which you pick up after defeating him.


After you have killed Lieutenant Preston, pick up the Eridian crystal that he drops and head for the other statue where you will place it.


Place the Eridian crystal on the second statue to complete supplying power for the elevator that you need to use.


The second statue will be facing the wrong way and you will need to use the keyboard nearby to adjust it to properly power up the elevator.

Meeting Up With Typhon DeLeon


Once the statue has been moved, head up to the elevator controls and use it to bring yourself up to where the waypoint is pointing you.


Proceed making your way to the vault by crossing a bridge-like path by either jumping from platform to platform or by climbing up by the sides.


Fight your way through the halls on your way to the vault where you will soon meet up with Typhon DeLeon.


As you continue making your way towards the waypoint, another drop will be in your way and you are to jump down and continue making your way to the waypoint.


Once you reach the waypoint, you will find yourself in a room that has an Eridian teleport which you will activate for Typhon DeLeon.


Upon activation of the Eridian teleporter, Typhon DeLeon will be transported to your location and will head towards the next destination and you are to follow him.

The Last Vault Key


You and Typhon Will make your way towards the grave of his wife who he has buried along with the last vault key.


Once you attempt to dig the grave in order to find the vault key, Typhon DeLeon will tell you that’s its not there but rather in the gravestone and he will open it up himself.


Grab the vault key from the gravestone and make your way along with Typhon DeLeon to the vault to place it.

Entering The Vault


Place the vault key in order to open up the vault so that you and Typhon DeLeon may enter it as he claims he needs you to look at something.


Upon arriving in the vault, Typhon DeLeon will begin to laugh and tell you he had already looted the place but also gives you his weapon as a reward.


Typhon DeLeon will then hand over the Eridian Fabricator which he has previously been using to shoot out random weapons for you.

Once you take the weapon from Typhon DeLeon the mission will become complete.

Footsteps of Giants Mission Rewards


Upon completion of the Footsteps Of Giants mission, you will be rewarded with around 14,192 cash and will be able to keep the “Eridian Fabricator” legendary weapon.



  • You can save yourself a lot of time by running past enemies and heading towards the waypoints in order to avoid chasing and running around, especially if you are a higher level than the other enemies.
  • You will face several types of enemies including, Maliwan forces, guardians and wild creatures so the usage of corrosive and shock weapons can give you a good advantage.
  • General Traunt has pretty much the same attacks or form of attacks as Captain Traunt, with the exception of his attacks being either slightly different and having different elements.

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