Children of the Vault Mission Walkthrough in BL3

Borderlands 3 Children Of The Vault

The Children Of The Vault mission is the first mission you get in the game and basically serves as a tutorial for when you first play.

You have answered the call of The Siren and eventually meet up with Claptrap who gets you started out and eventually meet with the one that summoned you and bring the help get the Crimson Raiders back on their feet.

Mission Walkthrough

Meeting Claptrap


The mission doesn’t start at once since you first go through the basics where you will meet Claptrap upon exiting the transportation you were in.

After an introduction with Claptrap and a bit of getting to know each other, he will hand you an Echo device which you then need to take to proceed with the story.

Getting Registered


After taking the Echo device, your HUD (Heads Up Display) will start to appear, giving you a visualization of your health, map, experience, level and more later on.

Claptrap will tell you that the two of you are headed to the Children Of The Vault propaganda center to take over it.

Follow Claptrap as he will first lead you to a Quick-Change Machine which will help you register your Echo before proceeding with your task.


Interact with the Quick-Change Machine to open it and customizer your character with whatever customizations are available and close the menu when you are done.

After exiting the Quick-Change Machine, a User Acknowledgement will pop up which Claptrap claims is boring and usually urges people to just click anything and proceed.

This is said to have some Easter Eggs as well as it has some pretty funny things to read for those who actually take the time to do so.

Heading To The Propaganda Center


Once you have finished the part where you accept the User Acknowledgement, you and Claptrap continue towards your destination, only to be blocked of by a wall of vehicles.

Claptrap will instruct you to open the gate which is later on marked by a waypoint to help you find the objective, showing you how waypoints work and giving you an idea on how they will later on be important.

After you open up a path, you and Claptrap will proceed towards the propaganda center and after crossing a gap, the Children Of The Vault mission will appear under your map where all other quests will usually appear ingame.


Continue following Claptrap as he will lead you to a weapons cache where you will be given a weapon but only after going with him as he uses stealth to get to the destination.

Claptrap will attempt to engage in stealth maneuvers to head to the weapon cache so just follow him until you both reach the weapons cache.

Upon reaching the weapons cache, Claptrap will hit an explosive lever which will reveal the cache along with a huge explosion.


Grab your weapon from the weapons cache and follow Claptrap again as you head towards the propaganda center.

Claptrap will begin to negotiate the Children Of The Vaults surrender and they agree to let you and Claptrap in as long as he doesn’t kill them.

Fighting The Children Of The Vault


The Children Of The Vault will have kidnapped Claptrap with a large magnet and it is up to you to chase after him.


Fight through the Children Of The Vault and continue heading towards Claptrap by following the waypoint.


Upon reaching the propaganda center, Claptrap will instruct you to find a shield which will help you survive the encounter with the bandit leader at the propaganda center.


Head towards the containers on the left which have the COV initials spray painted on them and climb up to get a shield to equip.


You will find a chest where there will be shields that you can pick up once you open it and after equipping one, you are to head back to the propaganda center entrance where you will enter and face Shiv, the bandit leader at the propaganda center.


Upon entering the main area where Shiv is waiting, a cutscene will play and soon after you will have to fight him and kill him in order to continue with the mission.

Saving Claptrap


Once Shiv is dead, you need to head up to the top, following the waypoint to the controls which will allow you to release Claptrap from the giant magnet that is holding him.


Claptrap will fall to the ground and you will need to revive him as the fall was someone fatal to him and in order to proceed you will have to revive him.

Meeting The Firehawk


Once revived, Claptrap will signal to Lilith, the Siren who has summoned you that the task is done and this will cause her to arrive and bring you near the end of the mission.


Talk to Lilith to finish the mission which will soon after give you the FromThe Ground Up Mission.

Children Of The Vault Mission Rewards


Completing the Children Of The Vault mission will reward you with around 268 Cash and a common grenade mod.



  • This is basically part of the games tutorial and you will mostly be able to test out a few different guns if you do some proper looting.
  • It would be a good idea to stick to one weapon so that you can later on earn rewards from the manufacturer for killing enemies with their weapon.
  • Try not to rush into enemies too early when you do not have shields as you can get downed really quick and will have to resort to killing enemies during “Fight For Your Life”.

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