Divine Retribution Mission Walkthrough in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Divine Retribution Mission

Tyreen has escaped after preventing you from stopping The Destroyer as well as the destruction of Pandora and it is up to you to stop her once and for all.

Your mission is to make the journey towards The Destroyer’s Rift where Tyreen will be waiting and you will need to end it once and for all.

Mission Walkthrough

Find Tyreen


Head into the portal which was previously opened which will bring you to The Destroyer’s Rift, the place where Tyreen is waiting for you.


There will be no other enemies in the area until you find Tyreen and you are to continue your way to the boss fight area but be sure to resupply at the vending machines if you are short on health or ammunition.


Jump down the drop which will bring you to the location where Tyreen as well as The Destroyer are located.

End Tyreen The Destroyer For Good


As you drop down, a cutscene will play which shows that Tyreen was waiting for you and somehow already has control over The Destroyer.


Tyreen will then merge with the destroyer, creating a large abomination called Tyreen The Destroyer and then the fight will commence.


Fight off Tyreen The Destroyer and any other enemies that she summons into the area until her health is fully depleted.


Once Tyreen The Destroyer has been killed, head over to the body and search for the items where there will appear to be another vault key.

Looting The Vault


Grab the vault key and Lilith will arrive and speak to you, telling you to head into the vault and loot it.


May your way into the vault so that you may loot whatever is inside and bring the mission near an end.


Move forward along the vault and explore around it for the chests but don’t forget the very center which will have an Eridian Ascensionator.


Take the Eridian Ascensionator and once you are done looting the vault, head out again to Lilith and the others.

The Firehawk


Once you exit the vault a problem will still exist as the moon is still causing Pandora to become destroyed but Lilith will have already taken her powers back from the previously killed Tyreen The Destroyer.


Lilith will charge up and use her flowers to fly towards the moon and stop it from destroying Pandora, saving the planet and everyone else nearby.

Eventually this is known to be her end as she isn’t seen afterwards and now presumed to have given her life to save everyone else.

Things Lilith Left Behind


Ava suggests to check if Lilith had left anything behind for them and Tannis agrees that her room should be checked to make sure.


Head back to Sanctuary where you will go to Lilith’s room and find Ava and Tannis searching around for any clues that Lilith might have left behind.

You will need to hand over the vault key that you previously acquired from the loot dropped by Tyreen The Destroyer.


There will be a red chest that Tannis will unlock which should contain some rare, epic or legendary items for you to loot.


You will then talk to Tannis and she will explain what the Eridian Ascentionator is for and that it can be installed on the ship.


Head over to the location that is marked by a waypoint on your map where you will insert the Eridian Ascentionator and place it.

Once you have placed the Ascensionator, it will be activated caused the game to go into Mayhem Mode for additional effects and rewards which can be disabled whenever you want it to be.

After placing the Ascentionator, the missions will also be complete after a short period of time.

Divine Retribution Mission Rewards


After the Divine Retribution mission is finished, you will have unlocked Mayhem Mode and will receive around 70,280 cash.



  • Tyreen The Destroyer will have a lot of health so it would be wise to bring weapons that deal a lot of damage and to make sure you have a lot of ammunition.
  • Be sure to gear up from Sanctuary for the latest items that are equal to your level to improve your chances of surviving.
  • Tyreen The Destroyer is not that strong and can be taken out if you target her weak spots and evade her deadly attacks.
  • Always save the extra flying enemies for killing if you get downed to give you a Second Wind.
  • Tyreen The Destroyer’s attacks are quite slow and can be evaded easily if you keep a good distance from her.
  • Try to stay on the move at all times to avoid getting cornered and to make sure you have space to dodge her attacks.

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